Buon San Valentino!


Heart Leaf


On my most recent walk, I happened across this little heart-shaped leaf lying on the stone steps just below Pontone. With San Valentino just around the corner, I just had to snap a picture. Wishing you all a day full of love!

Shhh… the lemons are sleeping


As the snow is falling in Rome and much of northern Italy, we woke up to few traces of snow around the garden and white tops on the mountain peaks along the Amalfi Coast. If it had been just a few degrees colder, we would have woken up to discover a winter wonderland outside! 


Ciao Amalfi Coast Blog sleeping lemons2


Last week on a day that it didn’t rain (remarkable!), I went out for a nice walk to enjoy the sun and the blue skies. The ancient stone paths connecting Pontone and Amalfi take you through steeply terraced lemon groves. This time of year you’ll find the lemon trees covered in black mesh covers. I like to think of them as the lemon blankets. It’s as if the lemons have been covered up and are resting during the cold and damp winter months. But one peek underneath and you’ll see that they’re not really sleeping after all. Bright yellow lemons poke out from under the covers here and there, providing a welcome reminder of the warm sun and summer days ahead.


Ciao Amalfi Coast Blog sleeping lemons1


I asked some locals recently about the covers. They are used to protect the leaves and fruit on the tree from the freezing rain that we sometimes get on the Amalfi Coast. But it was also interesting to learn that they are primarily used to protect the roots of the lemon trees. The roots are not very deep, making the trees perfect for growing on the rocky terrain and small terraces on the Amalfi Coast, and they are particularly susceptible to freezing.  So those “blankets” do keep the lemons nice and protected during the winter. Shhh . . . keep on sleeping lemons. The weather this morning was a reminder that it’s not quite time to wake up!


Ciao Amalfi Coast Blog sleeping lemons3

Tempting Tuesday: Summer Yellows on the Amalfi Coast


It’s cold. It’s officially cold, and I’m not ready for it yet. For a few days it felt like we skipped right past autumn to winter. That’s no good! Temperatures across Italy have been well below the seasonal norm this past week as a nasty cold front swooped down from Russia. This has sent me back to my summer pictures with pleasure! Just looking at the vivid yellow and bright sunny days warmed me up inside. Here are some yellow-themed moments from life on the Amalfi Coast this summer  . . .



Ciao Amalfi Coast Blog Broke Garden

Broke lounging in the early summer sun



Ciao Amalfi Coast Blog Church Sorrento

Can’t do yellow without including the bright yellow Baroque facade and atrium on the Chiesa della Madonna del Carmine that sits right on Sorrento’s Piazza Tasso. It always makes me smile!



Ciao Amalfi Coast Blog Crosswalk

If you look in the Italian pictionary under “fruitless endeavor,” this is the image you’ll see.



Ciao Amalfi Coast Blog Ravello Festival

Ravello was covered with beautiful pansies in early spring.



Ciao Amalfi Coast Blog Yellow Dress

This could have gone with pinks last week, but I love how the yellow dress at the end just jumps out!



Ciao Amalfi Coast Blog San Michele Anacapri

Pale yellow and white interior of the Chiesa Monumentale di San Michele in Anacapri



Ciao Amalfi Coast Blog Wild Snapdragons

Wild Snapdragons, Scala



Ciao Amalfi Coast Blog View Villa Rufolo

View looking toward Salerno from the Villa Rufolo, Ravello.



Stop back by next week for the final color themed summer photo post!



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Tempting Tuesday: Think Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month


Scintilla over at Bell’Avventura picked up on color themed posts around the blogosphere and had a great idea to Think Pink!  October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and to bring attention to this important cause Scintilla has shared some lovely pink things from her life in Positano. She has encouraged others to do the same, and I thought it was a great idea! So after the Summer Reds on the Amalfi Coast last week, let’s lighten up a shade for a good cause. This week let’s think pink!



Ciao Amalfi Coast Blog Pink Certosa CapriPink touches at the Certosa di San Giacomo in Capri 



      Ciao Amalfi Coast Blog Pink Farro Capri

    The pink and white of Il Faro (lighthouse), Capri



    Ciao Amalfi Coast Blog Pink San Giovanni Battista Pontone

    Baby Pink (and Baby Blue) Baroque at the Church of San Giovanni Battista in Pontone.



    Ciao Amalfi Coast Blog Pink Casa Malaparte

    I’m pretty sure Curzio Malaparte wouldn’t like me calling his house pink, but the Casa Malaparte on Capri certainly looks pink to me!



    Ciao Amalfi Coast Blog Pink Bougainvillea Capri

    Hot pink bougainvillea on Capri



    Ciao Amalfi Coast Blog Pink Window View

    Rose colored glass: View from the window of the Church of San Giovanni dell’ Acqua in the Campidoglio area of Scala. What a view of Ravello and the Amalfi Coast!



    Ciao Amalfi Coast Blog Pink Hydrangea    

    This year I trimmed the hydrangea in my garden too much, and the only bloom that came out was . . . pink!



    Here are some important facts from the National Breast Cancer Foundation about why you need an early detection plan:

    The best way to fight breast cancer is to have a plan that helps you detect the disease in its early stages. According to the National Cancer Institute:

    • Nearly 200,000 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer this year.
    • 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer during their lifetime.
    • Over 30% of women are diagnosed after breast cancer has spread beyond the localized stage.
    • When breast cancer is detected early (localized stage), the 5-year survival rate is 98%.



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                            Tempting Tuesday: Summer Reds on the Amalfi Coast


                            As the weather starts to get cooler in the evenings and I feel the change of seasons upon us here on the Amalfi Coast, I’ve been reminiscing a bit about this summer. While I love the change of seasons, the cooler weather, the calm of winter and the quiet days, I’m always a bit sad when the summer comes to an end. While looking over all the fun photos and events of this summer,  I was struck by all the colors. Bright yellows and oranges popped out, reds came through here and there, and, of course, everywhere blue! It was a fun way to look through photos and remember the summer. Here is the first of several color themed posts coming up on Tuesdays this month. Let’s kick off the series with rosso



                            Ciao Amalfi Coast Summer Rosso4

                            Back at the beginning of the summer, I stopped one evening to watch these boys arranging rocks on the beach in Amalfi for some sort of game. It was all blue and the grey of the stones save for one boy’s bright red shirt.



                            Ciao Amalfi Coast Summer Rosso1

                            I saw my first bike race this summer when the Giro d’Italia went speeding through the Amalfi Coast.



                            Ciao Amalfi Coast Summer Rosso8

                            Not long after I happened across a wonderful display of Classic Cars in Amalfi. You can’t get more red in Italy than Ferrari red!



                            Ciao Amalfi Coast Summer Rosso2

                            The men who carry the statue for the Festival of Sant’Antonio in Amalfi wear these bright red jackets. Here they are waiting for the statue to be carried down the steep steps so it can be attached to the base before the procession begins.



                            Ciao Amalfi Coast Summer Rosso3

                            This boy waiting for the Boat Procession for Sant’Antonio to arrive in Amalfi was wearing the right color! I wonder if he’ll carry the statue in the procession when he grows up?



                            Ciao Amalfi Coast Summer Rosso6

                            This summer I visited all of the churches and historic sites in Scala during Scala Porte Aperte. This is one of the beautiful frescoes dating from the 12th century in the crypt of the Chiesa di Santa Maria Annunziata in Minuta.



                            Ciao Amalfi Coast Summer Rosso5

                            During the hot summer days the poppies were literally popping out everywhere! Here is one that I found all on its own while I was on a walk to Amalfi.



                            Ciao Amalfi Coast Summer Rosso7

                            Remember the first mystery flowers of the summer? These are Bottle Brush that I saw in Scala.



                            Ciao Amalfi Coast Blog Strange Flower

                            And our second mystery flowers also happened to be red. Reader Kim identified them as Haemanthus Coccineus for us. Grazie, Kim!



                            Ciao Amalfi Coast Summer Rosso12

                            This summer I discovered the beautiful beach in Atrani, which is much less crowded than the beaches in Amalfi.



                            Ciao Amalfi Coast Summer Rosso9

                            The beaches in Atrani also offer a special treat… black sand! Much more comfortable than the usual rocky beaches on the Amalfi Coast.



                            Ciao Amalfi Coast Summer Rosso10

                            I always smile when I remember how reader Lisa from Travel Dreams and Moonbeams called the colorful umbrellas in Amalfi dishes of gelato. These must be peppermint flavored!



                            Ciao Amalfi Coast Summer Rosso11

                            Finally, as summer comes to a close, here is a picture I snapped a couple of weeks ago in the gardens of the Villa Rufolo in Ravello. There were beautiful red flowers lining the walkways, making such a striking contrast to the blue sky and lush greens. It was a reminder that even though it will be cool soon, the beautiful colors of the Amalfi Coast are here throughout the year!



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