Amalfi Coast Travel Snow December 2014

– A glorious snowy sunrise on the Amalfi Coast

We woke up to the most beautiful surprise this morning. Snow on the Amalfi Coast! What an incredible way to remember the last day of 2014. While we occasionally get snow up in the mountains during the winter, I could tell this was a special snow. I could see snow on the beach in Atrani and snow by the red faro in Amalfi. This was really a snow!

Amalfi Coast Travel Snow Ravello

A snowy Villa Cimbrone in Ravello

The ruins of the Church of Sant’ Eustachio in Scala had a dusting of snow and way down in Amalfi by the sea the bell tower of San Biagio was also white. In the photo below, far on the left, you’ll even see snow on the pier that juts out into the port. My husband says it has been about 30 years since there was snow on the beach in Amalfi!

Amalfi Coast Travel Snow Pontone

The ruins of Sant’Eustachio and snow in Pontone

We watched the few brave drivers out slowly … very slowly … navigating the road down from Ravello. That’s a tough stretch of road even in good weather. I couldn’t imagine trying to drive that road this morning!

Amalfi Coast Travel Snow Road

Snow falling this morning

And if you look closely in the photo below you’ll see a snow covered beach in Atrani. It was still snowing when I took this photo and it wasn’t until after that I noticed the white beach.

Amalfi Coast travel Snow Atrani

Snow on the beach in Atrani!

But I think the prettiest view of all was the snowy scene in Scala. The snow-covered terraces on the mountains above the village created stripes as the backdrop to the winter scene. It was like a postcard winter setting!

Amalfi Coast Travel Snow Scala

A wintry scene in Scala

Of course I had to go out. I waited just a bit and thankfully there was a short break in the strong wind. It was still -3 C, but without the wind and bundled up it wasn’t too bad for a short walk.

Amalfi Coast Travel Snowy Steps

Out I go!

Crunching up and down the steps in the snow was a little more challenging than usual, but the beautiful view and quiet scenes were well worth the effort.

Amalfi Coast Travel Snow Minuta

A winter walk in the snow

I love the way a dusting of snow changes everything. I suppose that is especially the case in places where it doesn’t snow all that often like the Amalfi Coast.

Amalfi Coast Travel Snow Minuta Fountain

Mr. Fountain in the snow

I couldn’t take many photos of the view across the valley to Ravello since a gust of wind arrived that nearly knocked me off my feet and set me crunching through the snow back home.

Amalfi Coast Travel Snow Ravello Scala

The valley between Scala and Ravello in the snow

Winters on the Amalfi Coast require boots that are good for the rain and cold weather … and sometimes even the snow!

Amalfi Coast Travel Snow Boots

Crunch crunch crunch …

Before going back inside I had one more mission … find Puffy! He’s one of our outside cats who spends the day inside. It took a few times calling him before he came out of hiding. He’s a smart cat though, and was completely dry.

Amalfi Coast Travel Ginger Cat Snow

Is there anything cuter than a fluffy orange cat in the snow?

He was ready to come inside and warm up though! He’s all curled up and toasty now.

Amalfi Coast Travel Puffy Snow

Puffy in the snow!

Seeing Puffy in the snow reminded me of the last time we had a bigger snow like this, which was in 2009. Puffy was only about a year old and had so much fun trying to catch snowflakes.

I hope the last day of 2014 brings you many beautiful surprises!

  • Sally

    Hi Laura, your photos are fabulous! I love the shot of Scala. It was a lovely surprise to wake up to such a spectacular sight, wasn’t it? Check out the photos on my blog. I think our cats are related 🙂

    December 31, 2014
  • Ciao Laura – che bello! It’s amazing how the snow reveals all those layers of terraces! I never realized how many there were!

    December 31, 2014
  • Richard Thayer

    These are great photos. thanks for sharing. Enjoyed the cat at the end.
    It reallis is pretty there…bet when the sun first catches its view it will be striking.
    Happy New Year
    Love to all there…

    December 31, 2014
  • Sandra

    This post was so much fun and beautiful to see the mountains dusted in snow..and I loved seeing Puffy in the snow. Great article..thanks for sharing your beautiful Amalfi Coast!

    January 1, 2015
  • Andrei

    “– Is there anything cuter than a fluffy orange cat in the snow?”
    – No, there isn’t. (from a recent cat lover convert)

    Buon Anno!

    January 2, 2015
  • thank you so much for sharing this. It was beautiful and such a stark contrast to all our pics of the Amalfi coast in the summer. I can just imagine navigating the coast and hill roads – by foot or by car! Enjoy while it lasts!

    January 3, 2015
  • I just came across your blog and your beautiful photos – thanks for sharing such a rare vision of the snow covered Amalfi coast! And I agree, the striped terraces are really spectacular!

    January 16, 2015

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