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September Sunrise

Ciao Amalfi Coast Travel September Sunrise

Sunrise over Ravello

The sunrise this morning, the first day of September, was warm and soft. The start of a new month on the calendar can mean so little and so much. One day to the next, no big deal, right? But there’s something special for me about the beginning of September. While mindfulness and enjoying the present moment are important parts of my daily life, there’s still a part of me that counts down the days of August. Finally, it’s over.

And it’s not just the heat and chaos of August on the Amalfi Coast that makes me eager to flip the calendar over and see September 1st. I was one of those kids who couldn’t wait for school to start at the end of August. Getting new school supplies (pencils and notebooks … oh my!), the cooler temps and digging my nose into the new textbooks to inhale that distinctive textbooky smell were things I looked forward to. Yes, I actually sat around and thought about the smell of new books.

Even now when autumn arrives with a chilly breeze and crunchy leaves underfoot there’s a part of me that longs to be walking across a college campus, the air full of anticipation and new things to learn. While those days are over, for me there’s still a feeling of endless possibilities in the autumn.

This summer has been extremely busy and very far from relaxing. Yet another reason I’m relieved that it is over, while at the same time appreciating the many things I’ve learned along the way.  I’m eager to dive into new projects–both writing and in other directions that I’ll share here soon–and to enjoy another beautiful autumn season on the Amalfi Coast.

7 comments to September Sunrise

  • Nicki

    You were up early! You know school doesn’t start until the 16th this year! I think in this area you can almost hear the sigh of relief from everyone when August ends!

    • Yep, my husband had a tour early this morning. School starts so much later here than in America! Yes, a HUGE sigh of relief when August ends here for sure. We can actually find a place to park again. :-) Where we live is so peaceful and relatively cool (now I bet you really get just how much cooler it is up in the mountains!) that it’s hard to get me OUT of the house in August. Yeah September!

  • Sandra

    Beautiful sentiments and nicely written article. Really enjoyed both. Thanks!

  • Beautiful pic. I vote for the cooler temps. It is hotter than Hades in Southern California. Not a drop of rain. And fire season is off to a good start.

  • Susan


    Enjoying reading your entire set of blogs. I was wondering why you don’t speak about or visit Sorrento more? This was the only town I visited on the Amalfi coast years ago.
    Last summer I was thrilled to visit Rome, Firenze and Venezia with my son. Thinking of doing the Amalfi coast next summer with my husband.

    • Hi Susan, thanks for your comment! I’m glad you enjoy reading Ciao Amalfi. I don’t visit Sorrento as often as I would like because it takes nearly two hours to get there from where I live. It’s a great town though! :-) It’s not on the Amalfi Coast, but on the other side of the Sorrento Peninsula. I’m glad you’ve had so many wonderful experience in Italy and I hope you’ll be back to see the Amalfi Coast with your husband soon!

      • Susan

        Laura, so nice to hear from you! I like to visit your blog at night (from Canada) and read and look at the pictures and imagine life over there. Such a nice way to decompress from the day. I have read through almost every single blog entry. I was trying to find some entries where you met your husband!
        Italy is so fabulous, but to just pack up and go?
        Would you ever return to live in America again? Or are you in Italy for good?
        Lastly, I was wondering how the elderly manage in an area where there is so much climbing and walking.

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