Ciao Amalfi Coast Travel Tiny Grapes

Grapes just beginning to grow on the Amalfi Coast

Walking home the other day I spotted the first tiny grapes growing on a lush green vine. Spring has been very rainy this year, and the vines and plants seem to be loving it! Below this grape vine the owners had planted fava bean plants very early this spring, which is pretty common in the area. I’ve enjoyed watching the plants growing and the long bean pods forming. Then one day they’re gone! Probably to make a delicious dish of pasta e fave. Yum!  It’s fascinating to watch out how locals use such small terraces of land to produce so much throughout the year. I dream of having my own small plot of land on the Amalfi Coast one day!

  • Well, it’s amazing what you can do with a little strip of land. I have a narrow strip on one side of the house. In order to manage the space, I grow everything as vertically as I can. Tomatoes, cucumbers, egg plants, and peppers are all supported by wire cages or wooden trellis so they aren’t falling all over each other. Of course, once the squash gets going, all bets are off. It wants to take over everything, I once had 15-lb. squashes hanging in my lemon tree and green beans tangled in the persimmon tree. Whatever works!

    May 28, 2013
  • Oh, I just noticed you posted a pic of the Laughing Hawk cover. Thanks! I hope you enjoy the read.

    May 28, 2013

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