“L’Estate di San Martino” in Amalfi

During breakfast this morning, I heard the weatherman on the TV talking about the “Estate di San Martino,” which means the Summer of San Martino. This is similar to what we call an Indian Summer in the USA. It’s when the weather is particularly nice after a cold spell, but it refers specifically to this period since the festival for San Martino takes place today. I looked out the window and it was a gloriously sunny day. A true and proper L’Estate di San Martino! We spent the morning running some errands before stopping at the Gran Caffè, which has outdoor seating overlooking the beach. You can spot the umbrellas in the upper right of the photo above. It’s one of my favorite spots in Amalfi for a Spritz or a light lunch. Today, with the sun shining down, it was perfection.

After lunch we took a leisurely stroll along the waterfront in Amalfi all the way to the end of the town’s largest pier and then back again. One of the things I love about Amalfi is that even though it’s small there’s a wonderful passeggiata if you walk from one end of the town to the other.


The harbor still feels empty after the busy summer months, but the winter is my favorite time of the year for taking photos along the waterfront. There are still a few gozzo boats and the usual cast of colorful fishing boats that stick around all winter.


Although the piazza was surprisingly busy, the waterfront was very quiet. It’s especially nice to walk along here after lunch, when many people are still resting. You can sit on a bench, take in this view below and for just a few minutes feel like you have it all to yourself.


The sun was deliciously warm today, and a few people were even taking advantage of that on the Marina Grande beach. I would have loved to have spent a little bit more time in the sunshine. More rain and clouds are in the forecast for the week ahead – all the more reason to enjoy the sun today!


I hope you enjoyed this quick update from a beautiful day in Amalfi. In this world of social media, it’s a pleasure to get back to my blogging roots. However, if you’d like to join me for more daily updates from the Amalfi Coast, you can find me on Instagram @ciaoamalfi.



Sunrise on September


This morning I opened the windows to a majestic sight. The days, indeed, are getting shorter. For so many months now I’ve opened the windows to find the sun shining bright. Today I caught the magic moment just before the sun appeared over the mountains, when the sky is aglow and everything is tinted with shades from deep orange to soft pink across the Amalfi Coast. Even when it doesn’t start so beautifully, September always makes me smile. This just felt like a gift.

While it’s hot and summer still hangs heavy in the air, the first of September feels like a fresh start. And I look forward to it. Since moving to the Amalfi Coast, where August is the busiest month of the year, the beginning of September is something like a prize. I made it. There are still weeks ahead of enjoying the beach and summer weather with fewer crowds now, but those delicious first signs of autumn will also start showing up. I love the crunch of leaves, the smell of wine being made, persimmons and pomegranates showing up at the fruit shop and the colors of autumn.

It also feels like the chance to make a new beginning. I’ve set my intentions and goals for September and am feeling energized. I have some fun plans coming up this month, and I look forward to sharing about them on Ciao Amalfi!

Autumn Reflections

 Autumn Colors in Ravello on the Amalfi Coast

Autumn glory in Ravello at the Hotel Parsifal

It has been hard to know what to write. Tomorrow will be three weeks that my husband has been sick, and every day I hope he will be feeling better. We’re thankful that it’s nothing extremely serious and we’re anticipating a full recovery. It has just been very tough and very slow. On the days when I have had the chance to even think about writing something here–between trips to the farmacia, waiting for doctor visits, taking care of my husband and desperately trying to keep up with work–it has seemed dishonest to write without any regard to what is actually going on my life.

While I can’t look at these autumn photos I’ve taken recently without remembering what I was doing and the worries or hopes of that particular day, when I do look at them they also remind me that in the midst of everything there has been time to see the beauty around me. That’s one of the reasons I take photos. I suppose, in a sense, it’s one form of mindfulness. Refusing to get caught up so much that I’m not brought to a standstill to admire the rich colors of the autumn leaves, a pile of crates filled to the brim with grapes from the harvest or the early morning glow of the sunshine on deep red vines. And so I share some of these mindful moments and their beauty. Yes, they definitely do help.

Amalfi Coast Travel Autumn Wine Harvest

Time for the vendemmia on the Amalfi Coast


Amalfi Coast Travel Autumn Scala

Autumn hues in Scala


Amalfi Coast Travel Autumn Leaves

Crunch crunch crunch …


Amalfi Coast Travel Autumn Colors

Early morning sunshine on deep red grape vines


Amalfi Coast Travel Scooter

Last days of help from my trusty old friend before it gets too cold

An Autumn Walk in Ravello

Autumn is a glorious time of year to visit the Amalfi Coast. One of my favorite spots to walk during any season is the town of Ravello located high in the mountains overlooking the coastline. If you enjoyed the Autumn Walk in Scala, you’re going to love coming along on a beautiful autumn walk through Ravello. Happy autumn wishes to all of you from the Amalfi Coast!

Autumn arrives in Ravello

Autumn colors at the Villa Rufolo

Falling leaves in the Piazza Duomo

Creeping red vines at the Villa Rufolo

Autumn in the mountains on the Amalfi Coast

Yellow wisteria vines in Ravello

Summer pinks and autumn reds mix!

Persimmons growing in Ravello

Yum ... persimmons!

Autumn masterpiece at the Hotel Parsifal

Red drama

Autumn in Italy

An Autumn Walk in Scala

Autumn arrives quietly on the Amalfi Coast. Slowly the grape vines take on a rich red hue and the leaves of the sycamores turn a golden brown in the evening light. It’s an exercise in looking closely at first, but before long the landscape is dotted with autumn colors. This year’s warm and dry August and September months delayed the arrival of autumn, and I’ve enjoyed watching the slow arrival on my walks up in the mountains. Come along with me on autumn walk in Scala!

Autumn colors on the Amalfi Coast

Autumn leaves in Scala

A burst of orange

Yellow lined street in Scala

Blue autumn sky

Red vines in Scala

Changing of the seasons

Just a little bit of red

Golden hues of a sycamore in Minuta