Amalfi Coast Travel

Amalfi Coast Travel

I’m a fairly forward thinking person. I’ve never been one to spend a great deal of time reflecting or get stuck in the past. The truth? I’m a perpetual motion machine perplexed by people who have the time to be bored. (I mean seriously? With so much to learn and read and do?) But sometimes I do listen to that little voice that whispers, “Just turn around.” That’s when I caught this image of Atrani infused with blue. What a moment. It’s so easy to hurry about through life, especially if you’re like me and constantly looking ahead, working on or excited about what comes next. When I take a photo that resonates with me, it’s often because it’s telling me something. This one says, “Don’t forget to turn around.”

  • Sandra

    Beautiful picture and sentiment! Thanks for sharing!

    April 10, 2015

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