While clearing the breakfast dishes from the kitchen table yesterday morning, I heard on the news that this September was the warmest recorded in Italy in last 150 years. Looking out the window at a slice of vivid blue sea sparkling in the sunshine, I thought that was just about the nicest way to celebrate the 150th anniversary of Italy that I’d heard of so far this year. By the first of October, we’ve usually changed to our autumn wardrobe and are waking up to a chilly house in the mornings. Fortunately, this year the warmest September in 150 years has decided to spill over into the beginning of October. Yesterday with the sun shining and summer-like temperatures, it was the perfect day to take the ferry to Positano to enjoy this lovely gift – one last taste of summer before autumn arrives!

Church of San Biagio, Amalfi

Beautiful October morning in Amalfi

Amalfi was busy and crowded like a summer day with groups of tourists arriving by boat and bus. I squeezed through a large group of visitors that the Tour Guide was showing around Amalfi and made by way down to the end of the pier to catch the ferry to Positano.

Amalfi from the Sea

View looking back toward Amalfi

While the top of the ferry filled up with tourists, I found my favorite spot on the lower level next to an open window. The same fabulous view without the wind and being baked in the hot sun! I like to watch the rainbows dance on the waves created by the boat. I caught it a little bit in this video, which also shows the pamorama from Praiano on the left to Capo di Conca on the right.

Once around Capo Sottile in Praiano the view opens to Positano in the distance. Set in a steep valley, the town sprawls out in all directions fitting into every knook and cranny of the mountainside.  Always a beautiful sight to see!

Positano from the Sea

View of Positano in the distance

If Amalfi felt like July on the first of October, it was fully August in all its glory in Positano! It is always warmer in Positano than Amalfi, but yesterday the difference was really striking. The beach was filled with sunbathers when I arrived at noon, and the colors throughout town made it feel every bit like summer was holding on strong in Positano.

Positano in October

Hibiscus flowers in Positano

I walked around town just a bit mesmerized by the colors and the beauty of Positano. It always gets me! Even though it’s only a 25 minute ferry ride away from Amalfi, I feel like I can still go on vacation, so to speak, in Positano. The town has such a different feel from Amalfi and Ravello, and a day there away from the cars and traffic is such a treat.

Romantic balcony in Positano

A charming balcony in Positano

I was filled with a bit of nostalgia as I stopped to take photos and enjoy the colors of Positano, because I know that winter will be here very soon. While I love the change of seasons, it is hard to let go of these colors and the warmth until next spring! Pushing thoughts of the cold and damp winter out of my mind, I wandered back through town in the direction of the pier in Positano.

Spiagga Grande in Positano

The Spiagga Grande in Positano on a beautiful October day

The large beach was very tempting in the sunshine, but I had even more alluring plans for the afternoon to visit a tiny beach near Positano where I had never been before. Stop by later this week and I’ll share with you a little secret that a good friend shared with me in Positano. You’ll love it!

  • Erica

    I visited the Amalfi Coast a few years ago and your photos and videos always bring me back! Enjoy the beautiful weather 🙂

    October 2, 2011
  • Rd522

    Grazie! Your blogs are great! Looking forward to my sorrento / amalfi trips next week.

    October 2, 2011
  • 😉

    October 2, 2011
  • James

    I dont know what it is about positano that draws you in. But once there you can never forget it. I cant wait to come back next year.

    October 4, 2011
  • I love this weather. I went to Laurito on Sunday, missed you by a day! It was so hot that I gave up and went home at 4! See you this weekend hopefully…text me if you come!

    October 5, 2011
  • Lorrie

    Love your photos! Now they have more meaning since I’ve been there!
    Have a couple of questions for you… None of my photos turned out that great, do you have any recommendations of where I could buy a poster of the Amalfi Coast? I’m also looking for a good cookbook so I can try to make some of the great food I had during my trip.

    Grazie mille, Laura! 🙂

    October 29, 2011

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