Scooter and View of Amalfi Coast from Scala

Last week I rode my motorino to Ravello for a haircut at my favorite salon on the Amalfi Coast – Total Hair Design by Gerardo. It was a beautiful morning and instead of heading directly home, I decided to enjoy the sunny weather and ride the scooter all the way around the road that circles through the town of Scala. With a lot of curves and steep roads and hardly no traffic, it’s a great ride. Oh, did I mention the views are outstanding? This is the first spot I pulled over, where there is a lovely view across the valley looking over to Ravello.

Ciao Amalfi Coast Blog Motorino Ravello View

I took the chance to finally take a few photos of the Liberty motorino we bought last month. It’s been so much fun to learn to ride, and I love the freedom of being able to get to market, do shopping and get a haircut without having to plan half a day just to walk there!

Piaggio Liberty Amalfi Coast

Even though the scooter is about 10 years old, it’s in pretty good shape and it runs very well. It’s perfect for getting around the Amalfi Coast, without going so crazy for parking!

Duomo of Scala

I stopped along the drive to take a few photos. Above you can see the Duomo of Scala and across the valley is Ravello. On a less humid day you can even spot the beach in Maiori from this high in Scala!

Duomo of Ravello

When I stopped again, I could spot the Duomo of Ravello and the town’s main piazza just across the valley (above). Just minutes before I had crossed that piazza on my way to Gerardo’s!

Scala Amalfi Coast

Scala has six hamlets spread out across the side of the mountain, and it’s a beautiful and peaceful little town to explore. I love how quiet it is, especially after being in the late morning crowds of visitors in Ravello. It was a beautiful ride on the scooter, and one I would highly recommend if you rent a scooter while visiting the Amalfi Coast.

Laura on the Scooter

You didn’t actually think you’d get a picture of the new haircut after it had been smushed under a helmet, did you? Let’s just say it’s really short and makes the “helmet hair” situation a lot less noticeable! One of these days I’ll get a photo of me on the motorino without the helmet. But right now … I’m off for another ride!

  • Bella! (You and the Liberty 🙂 Have fun with it; I have scooter envy now! Is your Gerardo from Potenza? That’s a very common name here.

    June 29, 2011
  • Have you named it Liberty? appropriate.
    I love the color.

    June 29, 2011
  • *jealous* After a long walk back to my apartment last night, I thought “gee, I’m ready for a scooter.” Then I thought…uh, in NAPLES!? 🙂

    July 5, 2011

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