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Sweet the memory is to me

of a land beyond the sea,

Where the waves and mountains meet,

Where amid her mulberry-trees

Sits Amalfi in the heat,

Bathing ever her white feet

In the tideless summer seas.


—From Amalfi (1875) by Henry Longfellow  

  • Lucia

    "SIIGGGHHHHH" aaaah nice.

    August 5, 2009
  • Anne in Oxfordshire

    Fabulous photos, who I so want to be there…

    Just read Creative Structures and Diana has some great photos of Piedmont, cannot make up my mind, which area to go to!!

    August 5, 2009
  • Linda Lou

    I so want to be there right now!!!!

    August 6, 2009
  • Chef Chuck

    Hi Laura, The land of Lemons! And the best ones at that! Very nice, Thanks for sharing:)

    August 6, 2009
  • Laura

    Ciao Lucia! Agreed… sigh… 🙂

    Ciao Anne! Thanks! I will have to check out Diana's blog and photos of the Piedmont area. I have to see what kind of competition we have here! 🙂

    Ciao Linda Lou! I'm sorry…I hope you can come back again soon!

    Ciao Chuck! Prego! Lemons lemons lemons…Yum!

    August 7, 2009
  • Stefanaccio

    Bella foto. Complimenti!!

    August 9, 2009
  • Laura

    Ciao Stephen! Thanks for stopping by and for the kind words!

    August 15, 2009

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