Photo Friday: Creeping Cumulus

Cumulus clouds over Ravello

The last few weeks it seems like all I do is hurry from one place to another. One of the first ways I can tell that I’m too busy is by looking at my camera. Hardly a photo taken in the past three weeks, except the new flowers I spent an early morning planting in the garden recently. And then this one flashed across the computer screen as I was downloading photos yesterday morning. I had almost forgotten about the afternoon last week when the huge cumulus clouds seemed to be creeping over the mountains. I watched them all afternoon, hoping they’d bring some much needed rain to the Amalfi Coast. But they just seemed stuck there in the moutains,  as if peering over to admire the view themselves. I’m happy that I took a moment to admire the clouds, even on a busy day. Wishing everyone a relaxing and sunny weekend!

Photo Friday: Big Clouds

Big clouds over Maiori and Minori

Even from high in Ravello, it’s easy to spot that the beaches in Maiori and Minori are busy this time of the summer. I stopped the other day for a moment to watch the big clouds looming over the mountains, and I hoped they would get stuck there so as not to ruin the sunny afternoon for all the people enjoying the beach and the sea. Wishing you a weekend filled with sunshine!

Photo Friday: Salve

Walking on the Amalfi Coast

I pass this whitewashed entrance to a house on my usual walk, and every time the work “Salve” painted above the doorway catches my eye. This common expression of greeting in Italian simply means “hello,” but I always wonder about it as I pass by. I’ve never seen anyone coming or going, there are never any flowers outside on the stairs and the walls are always perfectly white. Who lives inside this house with such a welcoming expression painted above the doorway? Maybe one of these days I’ll find out as I walk by!

Photo Friday: The View from the Top

Church of Santo Stefano Capri

I haven’t been to Capri yet this year, but I’m itching to go! The island is stunning in so many ways, and it’s one of my favorite spots in the area for taking photographs. I took this photo of the dome of the Santo Stefano Church at the end of last summer, and I don’t believe I’ve shared it here yet. I love this church, both inside and out, and I highly recommend stepping away from the chaos of the Piazzetta to see the beautiful interior and explore the quieter streets nearby. I spotted this seagull enjoying the view from the top of the dome, and I wished I could see Capri through his eyes. I hope to get to Capri with the camera again soon!