I know you movie fans will remember that scene in Sabrina where she says “Paris is always a good idea.” (Or at least you will if you’ve seen it as many times as I have!) Well, last week I went to Paris for the first time, and now I can agree with Sabrina. Paris is always a good idea. Here’s what I’ve been up to while I’ve been away from the blog:

January in Paris is wonderful! We even had a light dusting of snow, which only added to the romance. I will share more stories here in the coming weeks. In the meantime, enjoy the slide show of photos from my trip above, and please do leave a comment with your favorite Paris memories. I would love to hear them!

À bientôt!

  • Anne in Oxfordshire

    Wow the first time in Paris woohoo, I remember my first time last April..amazing and my second time in August was even better 🙂

    I am so pleased you had a fantastic time…Shame I hadn't been there, we could of met up..

    I have lots of great memories..best one ..When Leesa arranged a lunch for 14 us bloggers and non bloggers and we met Carolyn and clive over from Sydney for lunch. This was also the first time I had met Leesa, Dawn and everyone else.

    January 23, 2010
  • Lost in Sicily

    lucky you…..Paris has to be the best city in the world! Anything with stained glass, falafels in le Marais, flea markets, le metro, i could go on and on. (I lived there for a year and absolutely LOVE Paris). Have a wonderful time and thanks for sharing your beautiful photos.

    January 23, 2010
  • Wanderlust Woman

    Ciao cara, I love your slide show. Is that a new feature at Ciao Amalfi. It's almost like going to the cinema.

    For me the best thing about Paris is your photos. Been there – don't think I'll ever go back. 😉

    January 23, 2010
  • Nicole

    Oh, Laura. Your slideshow was like reliving my first trips there! I loved it … thanks for sharing.

    I went to Paris when I was 17, and then again when I was 21. I remember being awed by the history and beauty of such a magnificent city. One of my favorite memories is the time I met up with three of my college girlfriends at a bistro. Two of my friends were backpacking through Europe, and we hadn't seen each other in months. We all happened to be in Paris at the same time. We had a long dinner, drank wonderful wine … we were there for hours, catching up in one of most amazing places in the world.

    Thanks for making me think of that on this dreary winter day in Minnesota!

    January 23, 2010
  • LindyLouMac

    Fabulous slide show Laura. I love Paris and over the years have visited a few times. One of the best memories is of spending our first wedding anniversary there, staying with a friend who was living and working there at the time.
    It is such a beautiful city.

    January 24, 2010
  • Lucia

    OH I want to go so badly. I think I will gift myself a trip to paris!

    January 24, 2010
  • Chef Chuck

    Hi Laura, Glad to here Paris was a good idea! May I ask what were the foods you enjoyed the most? Thank You

    January 24, 2010
  • Dim Sum, Bagels, and Crawfish

    Thank you for the trip to Paris via the slide show! My first trip there was when I was three and lost my favorite baby doll on the metro…my parents spent most of a day trying to track her down without success. I returned in college while backpacking but could barely afford to eat much beyond bread and water so I am very eager to return to that wonderful city sometime in the near future.

    January 26, 2010
  • Bryan

    I love that movie…both versions are excellent. We made it to southern France but not Paris, on that "to do" list.

    January 28, 2010
  • Laura

    Ciao Anne! It sure would have been fun to meet up. Sounds like you had a fabulous time at your blogger meet up there. I am already looking forward to my second time in Paris! 🙂

    Ciao Karen! I agree! There is so much to love about Paris… and so much I am missing now. It must have been wonderful to be there for a year. Glad you enjoyed the photos!

    Ciao Lisa! Hah hah… we'll have to get you back there someday. A few vin chauds and you'll be in love, too. 🙂 The slideshow is a feature from Picasa where I uploaded my photos. It's nifty, eh?

    Ciao Nicole! So happy to bring back wonderful memories from Paris. I didn't realize you enjoyed Paris so much! I hope someday we will happen to both be there at the same time and can catch up over a wonderful bottle of wine. Sounds perfect! 🙂

    Ciao LindyLouMac! Paris must have been a magical place to spend a first wedding anniversary. Thank you for sharing your Paris memories!

    Ciao Lucia! Fabulous idea! 🙂

    Ciao Chuck! Hum… favorite foods… certianly onion soup! I had that in many places since it was so cold outside and I just love it. The mulled wine… vin chaud… was wonderful on the cold afternoons when we needed a break. I wish they made vino caldo in Italy more! 🙂

    Ciao DMB&C! Yes, you definitely need to go back to Paris now. For soem happy memories with your family!

    Ciao Bryan! I love both versions of the movie as well. I would love to see southern France, so we'll have to swap to-do lists. 🙂

    January 29, 2010
  • Lauréole

    Funny how internet hunt brings you to discover new blogs. Yesterday, I watched a documentary about the Amalfi coast and I was stuck by a beautiful old church. Did not remember the name of it, so I googled (it was Basilica di Sant’Eustachio)…and found your blog…and I've been reading it for more than 30 minutes when I should think of getting ready for the day 😉
    As a Parisian (living in Dublin and about going to live in Denver) I am always dreaming of my city : Paris has to be discovered, and rediscovered. There are so many little places, hidden from the tourist first sight.
    Your blog is now going to be in my favourites and I will certainly come back to taste a touch of Italy (I love Italy too!).

    February 11, 2010
    • Ciao Laurence! Many thanks for your nice comment. I’m so sorry it seems to have slipped through without me noticing until now! Yes, there is so much to discover about Paris. I was there for about a week and felt like I only scratched the surface. I hope to return soon!

      December 27, 2010
  • Ciao Chow Linda

    Yes, Paris is always a good idea. I agree with you. But Italy is pretty fabulous too. I just got back from three weeks there and am finally catching up with my favorite blogs.

    February 11, 2010
    • Ciao Linda! Agreed… and you know what is the best??? That Paris is just a short direct flight from Naples! 🙂

      December 27, 2010

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