Amalfi Coast Cookbook in London

Look … there’s a cookbook about the Amalfi Coast in the Anthropologie on King’s Road in Chelsea!

I’m in London this week enjoying a very a very different landscape than what I’m used to seeing each day. From stone steps and trains of donkeys hauling supplies I’ve come to the urban setting of one of my favorite cities in the world – London. It makes a nice change of pace, and always surprises me that it’s just a couple hours flight from Naples. While the two locations couldn’t possible be more different, I’ve loved finding little reminders of Italy while out and about. Walking by an outdoor pub and overhearing a young Italian guy making a dinner date on his phone, hearing a mother scolding her young daughter in Italian for running too fast in a tiny stationary store or even spotting an Amalfi Coast cookbook by Kate & Giancarlo Caldesi from La Cucina Caldesi Cooking School in London at the Anthropologie on King’s Road. Now there’s a view that looks familiar!

Amalfi Coast Travel Pasta di Gragnano

Pasta from the Sorrento Peninsula

I walked by La Bottega di San Lorenzo on Beauchamp Place in Knightsbridge and spotted pasta di Gragnano, made in a town near Sorrento that is famous for its pasta. I love thinking of the journey this pasta made from the mountains above Sorrento all the way to super chic Knightsbridge. A world away in so many ways!

Amalfi Coast Travel London Italian Restaurants

Italian restaurant Ca’puccino on King’s Road in Chelsea

Of course there are tons of Italian restaurants, coffee shops and gelaterias in London as well. I walked past one called Ca’ppucino on King’s Road this evening and it was full and looked very inviting inside. Although I’m fully immersed in the London lifestyle, I can’t help noticing these little things that remind me of home and bring a smile to my face.

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  • Anne

    Lots of fabulous places there to remind you of home , Love this area , love the shops and anything Italian. ♥

    March 25, 2014

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