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Laura Thayer

In 2007 my travels brought me to Italy’s Amalfi Coast where I fell in love–as so many travelers before me have–with the inspiring natural beauty, vibrant culture and, in my case, my tour guide. (See above mentioned reference to love stories.) I made the jump to expat life in southern Italy in 2008, and now work as a freelance writer, editor and social media manager. My greatest passion is sharing the beauty of the Amalfi Coast through writing and photography, and I have several exciting projects in the works. Stay tuned!

Thank you for stopping by and sharing your travel memories, stories, adventures and dreams on the Amalfi Coast here on Ciao Amalfi. If you can’t get enough of the Amalfi Coast, you’ll find more photos and comments from daily life in Italy on the Ciao Amalfi Facebook page, on Twitter @ciaoamalfi and my personal favorite @ciaoamalfi on Instagram.