Amalfi Coast Mimosa Blooms Festa della Donna

From the bedroom window I could see just the tip top of a mimosa with its bright yellow blooms bringing the first colors of spring. It was such a tease. Today with the brilliant blue sky I couldn’t stand it any longer. I turned off the burner under the pasta sauce bubbling away for lunch, grabbed my camera and dashed out for a little walk before lunch. I followed the maze of steps around and down and down and finally there it was. What I discovered was not just a little shrub, it was the largest mimosa tree I’ve ever seen!

Amalfi Coast Mimosa Blossoms Blue Sea

All these years I’ve seen that tiny little tip of yellow tempting me to go and take a look, and I’m so glad I finally did. What a glorious discovery on an equally glorious day! I’m just in love with the intense yellow color against the blue sea and sky backdrop.

Amalfi Coast Mimosa International Women Day

And that balcony, what a balcony. I’m pretty sure that’s one of the finest spots and views I’ve ever happened across on the Amalfi Coast. Go head, set out your sun chair and dream …

Amalfi Coast Mimosa Blooms Balcony

Today was finally the day to go hunting for mimosa since March 8th is the Festa della Donna, also know around the world as International Women’s Day. Since the mimosas bloom right around this time of year, they have become one of the symbols in Italy for the Festa della Donna. You see men carrying around bunches of mimosa flowers to give to the women in their life around March 8th.

Amalfi Coast Mimosa Blooms

Yet for me a sunny day and break in the cold wind long enough to take these photos was the sweetest gift of all. The blooms get to stay where they belong and I can share their beauty with all of you. Many happy wishes to all of the women reading!

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  • Beverly

    Ciao! I love your blog and think Amalfi coast is such a stunning place! I am actually planning to have my wedding there! I wonder which part of Amalfi do you like the most that you would recommend for a small wedding of 20 people?

    Thank you!

    March 10, 2015

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