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The weather was glorious most of December!

Just the other day a fan on the Ciao Amalfi Facebook page left a nice comment and asked if I was still writing my blog. Yes, I sure am! But, of course, not as frequently as I would like to be writing. It has been a busy period here with work, life, travels, the holidays and the unexpected adventures of a three legged cat named Toulouse. But more to come soon on that! So here’s a brief recap of what I’ve been up to since last November.

The University of St. Thomas

One brilliant red tree in front of the library at the University of St. Thomas

I started off November with a trip back to the United States and a short visit to Minnesota to see good friends. It was beautiful! I caught autumn nearly at its peak and thoroughly enjoyed (and photographed) the gorgeous colors. I even got a chance to visit the University of St. Thomas, where I did my masters in Art History, and sighed when I saw the library where I spent so many hours of my life. Very happy hours! I then went down to Nebraska and spent two wonderful weeks with my family, enjoying time catching up, cooking and celebrating Thanksgiving early.

Thanksgiving Decorations

Yes, turquoise IS a Thanksgiving color on the Amalfi Coast

Then it was back to the Amalfi Coast for a week, where I did a big American style dinner for the actual Thankgiving with my husband. Before long I had to repack the suitcase again for a trip to Paris and London. You can read about the lovely time in London in my Smitten with Mayfair blog post, but here’s a peek at my favorite moment in Paris.

Ciao Amalfi Coast Travel Notre Dame Paris

I finally got to the top of Notre Dame in Paris!

Back home again and it was time for the holidays … but it was also time for Toulouse to have a big surgery. Remember when I introduced you to Monday back in September? Well, that cute little kitten has grown up to a sweet, feisty and very handsome cat. But unfortunately, the one leg that was injured very badly was able to be saved. This is Toulouse just before his big day!

Toulouse Before the Big Day

What a sweetheart!

He’s doing great and has fully adapted to having only three legs. I’ll share more photos of Toulouse and hss adventures in a separate blog post full of cat wonderfulness and cuteness. But it was stressful over the holidays as Toulouse recovered and we tried to keep a rather rambunctious 5 month old cat calm. (Note: Impossible.) But the holidays came just the same and they were full of wonderful time with my husband’s family, delicious dinners and lots of sweets.


A Dream Washer Dryer Combo

A washer/dryer combo - the best Christmas present EVER in Italy!

Just after New Year’s we celebrated our two year wedding anniversary. Two years already! The weather was awful, but the day was beautiful. You’re just going to have to believe me, because this was the only photo I took.

Fog Fog Fog and More Fog

Fortunately the weather was better than this two years ago!

Besides that particular day, the weather has been excellent and slightly warmer than usual for much of the winter so far. But as I write we’re in the middle of a nasty wind and rain storm. The shutters are closed and the internet comes and goes. Ah, winter! But when the sun comes out, everything is even more beautiful than before. Really, I promise.

Atrani in the December Sunshine

Can't stop looking it's so beautiful ...

And so, that’s a look at the last few months. They’ve been wild, a little scary at moments, tremendously special and unforgettable. Especially Toulouse’s big puffy tail sticking out of the Pandoro box.

Toulouse and the Pandoro

"What do you mean there's no more Pandoro?"

I hope the holidays have been a special time for you, too. I look forward to the year ahead and to sharing more often here on Ciao Amalfi. I’ve got some exciting ideas for blog posts and a whole new design for the blog planned for 2014!

  • Great to hear all your news! Best of all the dryer. Only an expat in Italy can understand 🙂 Thanks for your London post. We are going in a few weeks and I love adding some new things to old favorites. Happy 2014.

    January 20, 2014
  • Sounds like a busy couple months for sure…glad TouLou is doing so well! He is too dang cute…….. xx

    January 23, 2014

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