Amalfi Coast Travel Atrani Restaurants and Things to Do Moon

Foto Friday | Moonlight in Atrani

Amalfi Coast Travel Atrani Restaurants and Things to Do Moon

No matter what’s going on, there’s always a refuge for me in the beauty of the Amalfi Coast. It’s the kind of beauty that you can throw yourself into completely. It truly is good for the soul. And when you add in a spectacular, nearly full moon and a warm October evening? Oh, what a little moonlight can do! Last night we had a beautiful dinner at Ristorante Le Arcate in Atrani while enjoying the most remarkable moonlight streaming across the sea. This photo doesn’t begin to capture the beauty of the scene. Yet the very fact that I could capture something at all took me right back to another magical night taking photos in Boccadasse, Genova with Di Mackey. The gentle waves became a blur with the long exposure – a blurring of time and distance – but the moonlight shines strong.

Amalfi Coast Moments of Poetry

Foto Friday: Instructions for Living a Life

Amalfi Coast Moments of Poetry

There are so many ways that the poet Mary Oliver has captured beautiful moments of life in her work, but this excerpt from her poem “Sometimes” is perhaps my favorite. It has that slap you in the face simplicity and speaks a truth that really resonates with me. So few people pay attention to what happens in life – from the simple little things that can bring joy to those experiences that can change our lives if we let them.

If you pay attention, it’s easy to be astonished.

If you pay attention, it’s impossible to be bored.

If you pay attention and are astonished, the drive to tell about it is second nature. For some people that comes through writing, photography, art, music or any other form of creativity. Or maybe it’s just telling a good bedtime story to your kids or sharing what happened yesterday on your walk with a friend. These are the things we remember.

So, what do you have to tell?

Foto Friday | Nel blu dipinto di blu

Amalfi Coast Travel Nel Blu Dipinto di Blu

Oh, it’s good to be back home on the Amalfi Coast. Since moving here many years ago, I’ve never traveled back to America in the summer. After enjoying warm weather, sunshine, fresh picked sweet corn and BLTs in Nebraska, I realize what I’ve been missing. But then I come home and see colors like this and I remember just how sweet summer is here, too. (But, unfortunately, without corn.) The weather has been gorgeous this past week, showing off the best of summer with temperatures not too hot, a sea breeze and relatively low humidity. We couldn’t ask for a better last hurrah of summer.

This picture reminded me of the famous song “Volare,” which is the popular name for “Nel blu dipinto di blu.” The name translates to: “In the Sky, Painted Blue,” and was written by the great songwriter Domenico Modugno. I shared  it earlier this week on Instagram. If you’re on Instagram, you can find me @ciaoamalfi, where I share photos of the Amalfi Coast, Toulouse being cute and a variety of cooking adventures.

Foto Friday | Amalfi Coast Garden

Amalfi Coast Travel Garden Terrace

Often when I’m out walking or hiking on the Amalfi Coast, I simply have to stop and marvel at the way of life that people have created here – often for generations. Way high above Amalfi, and nowhere particularly roads, you see terraces of lemons. And you know that to tend those lemon groves, make sure the nets are covering them when the weather turns cold and to harvest all those lemons when they turn their vibrant yellow means thousands upon thousands of steps each year.

While on a walk recently, I peered over a crumbly stone wall to see a gorgeous view of Amalfi sitting at the base of the valley. I also spotted two garden terraces. One had a trellis covered with grape vines while the other had rows of melanzane – eggplant. The way of living in these rural spots on the Amalfi Coast surely must not be easy, but few people can boast a view like that while gardening!

Foto Friday | Finding Center

Ciao Amalfi Coast Travel Finding Center

Um, so just where is centro?

This week I’ve finished up a massive writing project that has kept me even busier than usual of late. It felt good. It felt very good! But now that things are settling back into the normal level of busy, it’s time once again to focus on balance and recenter. Lately life has felt a little too much like this funny sign in Ravello pointing to the centro in opposite directions – and each way with steps. Well, it turns out both pathways do lead back to center of the village. One way has more steps than the other, but I’m not going to tell you which one. That seems to be the thing with life. Sometimes you get stuck on that pathway with way more steps than you might feel like climbing. My life motto: Bring your camera and enjoy the view!