Foto Friday: Limoni

Amalfi Coast Travel Lemons

As the design for Ciao Amalfi slowly transforms to a completely new look, this week’s theme for Foto Friday is dedicated to the bright yellow lemons that you’ll see in the new Ciao Amalfi logo created by the very talented Melissa Muldoon from Melissa Design. More about that in an upcoming blog post, but I just couldn’t resist sharing these lemons that I spotted peeking out from under their protective black net on a walk from Scala to Amalfi last week. It’s lemon harvest time on the Amalfi Coast, and these looked just perfect to pick!

Alba Gonzales | Ravello

Amalfi Coast Art Exhibit Ravello Alba Gonzales

Overlooking the sea from the Auditorium Oscar Niemeyer

Following a twisty, narrow road down from the center of Ravello, you’ll find the striking Auditorium Oscar Niemeyer. I enjoy its gleaming white curves and especially the piazzale with a sweeping view of the Amalfi Coast. It’s the perfect spot to display large sculptural artwork, and I’m pleased to see another exhibition installed after the Igor Mitoraj show in 2012 and the memorable Mimmo Paladino show last summer.

Amalfi Coast Art Alba Gonzales

“Lei vede, non vede o altrove guarda,” by Alba Gonzales

This spring the work of the contemporary Italian artist Alba Gonzales is on display at the Auditorium Oscar Nieymeyer and Villa Rufolo for the exhibit “Amor Maris – I Miti Scolpiti.” The exhibit brings together 32 works in bronze and marble surrounding the theme of modern mythology told through universal themes like love, death, justice and liberty.

Amalfi Coast Travel Auditorum Niemeyer Ravello Gonzales3

A sculpture you must walk around many times to begin to see

Strolling around the piazzale at the Auditorium Oscar Niemeyer, I was reminded how much I enjoy photographing sculptures. I found the large bronze pieces by Gonzales particularly intriguing since they all had multiple sides, scenes and stories to tell.

Amalfi Coast Travel Auditorum Niemeyer Ravello Gonzales4


Amalfi Coast Travel Auditorum Niemeyer Ravello Gonzales5


Amalfi Coast Travel Auditorum Niemeyer Ravello Gonzales


Amalfi Coast Travel Auditorum Niemeyer Ravello Gonzales8


Amalfi Coast Travel Auditorum Niemeyer Ravello Gonzales9

Amor Maris – I Miti Scolpiti is on display only until May 18th, so do take a scroll down to the Auditorium Oscar Niemeyer this month if you’re visiting the Amalfi Coast. To find out more about Alba Gonzales, visit