Photo Friday: November Sunset

Sometimes, although very rarely, I go out of the house without my camera. I usually regret it. Not long ago on a whim we took an evening drive from Amalfi toward Positano. As we came around a corner into Conca dei Marini, the sun was sinking into the sea, setting the Amalfi coastline pink against the deep blue water. Dig, dig, dig … no camera! Thank goodness for my cell phone, which has a camera on it that fills when I’ve forgotten my camera at home. It hardly captures the colors and how gorgeous the bright pink sun was setting near Positano’s Li Galli islands. In the distance you can see Praiano spilling down the side of the mountain. We don’t get sunsets quite this beautiful in Amalfi, so I thought I’d share this quick camera shot this week.

Wishing all my readers a lovely weekend!