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My New Kasia Dietz Handbag in Amalfi

Kasia Dietz Handbags Paris

I’m a firm believer that there no such thing as too many bags. I have old bags, new bags, weird bags, colorful bags, plain bags. Whatever the shape or style, they all remind me of something or often some place. When I travel, I often bring home a bag as a souvenir, which is always a happy memory while out shopping or going about day to day life.

When I first happened across Kasia Dietz on Instagram, her beautiful Paris photos and handbag designs immediately caught my eye. When I had the pleasure to meet up with her in person earlier this year in Paris, I discovered she is just as lovely! I enjoyed sharing Paris and Italy travel experiences, and of course I couldn’t leave Paris without one of her handbags.


Although Kasia has many beautiful lines of handbags inspired by travel destinations around the world, I couldn’t resist bringing home the 75007 hand printed bag. Although not the most obvious, which is why I love it, the number will probably only be familiar to travelers who have spent time in Paris. 75007 is the zip code for the 7th arrondissement, which is my favorite neighborhood in Paris. I love this bag for traveling since it folds flat and doesn’t take up space in my suitcase.

Just had to share one of my favorite new bags and highly recommend you pop over to check out Kasia’s beautiful handbags – designed and made in Paris! Find out more here: www.kasiadietz.com