Pink Flowers on the Bell Tower

Amalfi Coast Travel Pink Flowers Campanile

In early summer the Amalfi Coast blushes a bright pink. When the days become warm and spring showers have turned everything a lush green, the valerian flowers burst out, quite literally, from every nook and cranny. They poke out of crumbly stone walls, drape over the walkways through villages and call home every untended corner of the garden – and sometimes even the the campanile. Yes, even the top of the bell tower had valerian flowers this year. There used to be a pine tree, but the flowers are decidedly more colorful.

Their dramatic position right at the edge of the bell tower caught my eye one day. Scanning the garden and surrounding area, I spotted them all over the place. It was a gorgeous day, so I grabbed my camera and took a walk to take photos of the valerian flowers. It was fun to have a fixed–and lovely–subject in mind.

Here are some of the photos from the pink flower photography outing. It brings me right back to those crisp, bright early summer days.

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Foto Friday: Limoni

Amalfi Coast Travel Lemons

As the design for Ciao Amalfi slowly transforms to a completely new look, this week’s theme for Foto Friday is dedicated to the bright yellow lemons that you’ll see in the new Ciao Amalfi logo created by the very talented Melissa Muldoon from Melissa Design. More about that in an upcoming blog post, but I just couldn’t resist sharing these lemons that I spotted peeking out from under their protective black net on a walk from Scala to Amalfi last week. It’s lemon harvest time on the Amalfi Coast, and these looked just perfect to pick!

Church bells & bird songs overlooking Amalfi

Last week I was out on one of my favorite walks down to Amalfi, and as I came around a corner I heard the noon church bells from the Duomo beginning to fill the valley. I bolted down a few flights of steps to get to this lovely viewpoint where you can see the campanile of the Duomo and hear the bells ringing. Birds flitted about from tree to tree singing  a happy song and seeming to compete with the sound of the bells.




(Um, yes, that was my cell phone in the last seconds. Not nearly so natural or beautiful, but an equally common sound here in Italy!)

The Black Sheep


The sound of the wind blowing through the mountain valleys, the sweet tinkling sound of sheep bells, terraced gardens of olives, lemons and grape vines, unbelievable peace and quiet – these are the reasons I love walking along the ancient pathways on the Amalfi Coast. Yesterday, while filming these 3 white sheep munching away happily on an olive branch, someone else came along. Baaaaaa … the black sheep!