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Monastero Santa Rosa Hotel & Spa – A Dream Amalfi Coast Getaway

Amalfi Coast Luxury Hotel Monastero Santa Rosa

While Amalfi, Positano and Ravello are familiar to travelers around the world, the Amalfi Coast is home to many other charming towns as well as hidden villas and hotels tucked away in between. Let me introduce you to one of the most spectacular – the Monastero Santa Rosa in Conca dei Marini. Located between Amalfi and Positano, you may have spotted it from the sea. It’s a striking white building perched right at the very edge of a cliff. Once upon a time it was convent where the remote location and expansive views were ideal for a contemplative and quiet life. For fairytale Amalfi Coast settings, this one wins hands down.

Amalif Coast Exclusive Hotel Monastero Santa Rosa

Built in the 17th century, the convent was a thriving part of the community of Conca dei Marini and is the birthplace of the delicious Sfogliatella Santa Rosa pastry. When monasteries and convents were suppressed in the 1800s, the convent was closed like so many across Italy. It had fallen into a state of beautiful ruin when American Bianca Sharma spotted it while on holiday in 2000. Thus began a decade-long personal quest to restore the convent and create a remarkable boutique hotel.

Amalfi Coast Hotel Monastero Santa Rosa Conca dei Marini

The spectacular setting is just the beginning of the magic of the Monastero Santa Rosa. Sharma and a team of architects and historians stayed true to the historic features and atmosphere while imbuing the hotel with a unique sense of luxury. With only 20 suites, the Monastero Santa Rosa feels intimate and yet grand at the same time. Each of the rooms is named after an herb that the nuns would have cultivated in the gardens. To create a true retreat, an extensive spa was added in the space where wine was one produced. A getaway spot in itself, the 750-foot thermal spa features treatment rooms, a sauna, steam room, a hydrotherapy pool and more. The hotel says most guests use the spa every day, which is easy to believe. I’m not sure I’d ever leave!

Amalfi Coast Spa Monastero Santa Rosa

If the spa wasn’t relaxing enough, then you’ll find plenty of chairs and sunbeds well placed throughout the terraces and gardens to kick back, enjoy a good book and soak up the sun. The extensive gardens meander down four terraces leading to one of the most incredible infinity pools with a view overlooking the Bay of Salerno and coastline.

Amalfi Coast Accommodation Monastero Santa Rosa

Recently the Condé Nast Traveler website feature the Monastero Santa Rosa and called it A Blissful Retreat on the Amalfi Coast. If you’re looking for a remarkable Amalfi Coast holiday spot where you can truly get away from it all, then I’d highly recommend the Monastero Santa Rosa. Do keep in mind that you’ll be a drive from Amalfi and Positano, the closest spots to catch the ferry, but the secluded setting is what makes the Monastero Santa Rosa so very special. Find a peaceful spot under the bougainvillea, sit back and get lost in that view.


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Easter Weekend Errands

Amalfi Coast Travel Rainy View

Not a bad view!

This morning we set out early to do some shopping for Easter lunch before the shops got too crowded. As Easter is really the kick off to the tourist season on the Amalfi Coast, we also hopped to beat some of the traffic. We got through the shopping at the fruit and vegetable shop (line not too bad), the butcher (line much longer) and even scored a small pastiera without too much of a wait at all. We whizzed past the traffic that was totally blocked coming into Amalfi (cringing because we knew we’d have to come back that way since there is only one road …) and decided to stop by the mechanic in Conca dei Marini to have him look at the tires on the car. Big heavy clouds loomed over the mountain, but the view toward Praiano with the Li Galli islands off the coast was still a lovely sight while we waited.

Amalfi Coast Travel Rainstorm

It’s going to rain!

After awhile the sky darkened and I watched as a rainstorm swept quickly across the sea toward the coastline. Just before the rain arrived there were several young tourists that passed by with a map looking rather confused and in search of a hiking path in the mountains high above. I poked my husband outside to help them, but there was really no convincing them otherwise, so he eventually just pointed them in the right direction. One wouldn’t really call this a good day for hiking, yet there were a lot of people out doing just that. At least the hiking group below were mostly fitted out for the rain, although their boots were sounding a bit squishy as they trudged past. They looked happy though!

Amalfi Coast Travel Easter Weather

It’s a long way to Tipperary, er, Positano in the rain!

On the way back to Amalfi we did get stuck in that traffic, and it was getting later and later by the moment and our stomachs were rumbling. I rustled through the shopping in the back seat of the car and pulled out the small casatiello, a rich bread made for Easter in the Naples area, and tore off a chunk for each of us while we waited. I suggested some sopressata and my husband dug out a knife he keeps in the car for emergencies. You know, emergencies like pre-Easter picnics in the car while stuck in traffic in Amalfi. One must always be prepared. It was hilarious and delicious at the same time. So, the shopping for Easter is done and there’s still a little sopressata left for tomorrow. Buona Pasqua a tutti!

Summer Religious Festivals on the Amalfi Coast

June has arrived … and it’s summer on the Amalfi Coast! If you’re planning a trip to the Amalfi Coast this summer, here is a list of some of the best religious festivals from June to August. Even if you’re not Roman Catholic, timing your holiday on the Amalfi Coast to coincide with a religious festival offers you the chance to experience the excitement, the religious traditions and celebrations that take place each year in the small towns of the Amalfi Coast. Or, if you’re looking for a quiet escape, you’ll want to avoid these holidays as they attract large crowds, create parking nightmares and a lot of noise. (Think booming fireworks at 7am.) But, if you’re like me, you’ll love a good festa and the chance to experience something truly Italian!

Festival of Sant Antonio Amalfi

The Arrival of Sant' Antonio by boat in Amalfi


June 13th – Festival of Sant’Antonio, Amalfi

The beginning of the summer season of religious festivals on the Amalfi Coast starts with the Festival of Sant’Antonio (St. Anthony) in Amalfi. This festival has one of the most elaborate religious processions that I’ve seen on the Amalfi Coast. The procession of the statue of Sant’ Antonio (above) begins from the church near the Hotel Luna in Amalfi and follows the road through the tunnel to Atrani. The procession then makes its way through Atrani and down to the beach where the statue, religious procession AND the marching band are all loaded onto boats and continue for a boat procession from Atrani to Conca dei Marini to salute the church of Sant’ Antonio there before returning to Amalfi to continue the procession on land through Amalfi and back to the church. At night there is a large fireworks display over the harbor of Amalfi.

June 24th – Festival of San Giovanni Battista, Pontone in Scala

The hamlet of Pontone in Scala celebrates their patron saint San Giovanni Battista (St. John the Baptist) on June 24th. This is a wonderful chance to visit this pretty village set in the mountains between Amalfi and Scala. While the procession is small in scale compared to some of the other religious festivals in June, the pretty piazza at the center of the village is always decked out with lights and decorations.

June 27th – Festival of Sant’ Andrea, Amalfi

For me, the top religious festival of the summer is the Festival for Sant’ Andrea (St. Andrew), the patron saint and protector of Amalfi. The celebrations that take place on June 27th are in honor of a miracle that happened on June 27th, 1544 when Sant’ Andrea saved the town from an attack from pirates by stirring up a wild sea storm. (If you’re visiting the Amalfi Coast off season, plan to come for the winter festival for Sant’ Andrea on November 30th.) The religious procession is solemn and beautiful. A large silver bust statue of Sant’ Andrea is carried down the steps of the Duomo of Amalfi, on a procession through the streets of town and down to the Marina Grande beach where a blessing is said to the harbor and boats (that blow their horns to celebrate!). The finale is worth waiting for … when the statue of Sant’ Andrea is run up the grand staircase of the Duomo! The fireworks display after dark is one of the largest of the summer.

June 29th – Festival of San Pietro, Cetara

Just a few days after Sant’ Andrea in Amalfi, the Festival of San Pietro (St. Peter) takes place in Cetara. I experienced this big religious festival for the first time in 2010, and will be going back again each year. The procession of the statue of San Pietro standing on a boat decorated with flowers is carried through town on a long procession. With the strong fishing tradition in Cetara, I felt that this procession was still very deeply connected to the people of Cetara. When the procession reaches the beach, it is particularly beautiful against the lights of town and the medieval watchtower.

Festival of San Pietro in Cetara

The procession of San Pietro in Cetara


July 13th – Festival of Santa Trofimena, Minori

On July 13th, the town of Minori celebrates their patron saint Santa Trofimena during this summer festival. While I’ve experienced the winter celebrations for Santa Trofimena, I’ve not yet been to the summer celebrations. The church of Santa Trofimena in Minori is beautiful, and I’ve heard the procession is very moving. I hope to attend this summer!

July 22nd – Festival of Santa Maria Maddalena, Atrani

Right at the peak of lovely summer weather, the Festival of Santa Maria Maddalena (St. Mary Magdalene) in Atrani is a beautiful religious festival on the Amalfi Coast. The procession begins in the Collegiata dedicated to Santa Maria Maddalena, and continues through town and to the beach. After dark you’re in for a treat … a fireworks display from the sea that is fabulous from the beach!

July 27th – Festival of San Pantaleone, Ravello

At the end of July, the town of Ravello takes their turn at celebrating in honor of their patron San Pantaleone (St. Pantaleon). The Piazza Duomo is filled to the brim, and the religious procession follows the narrow streets through town. After dark, a fireworks display is set off on the mountainside below the Piazza Duomo. For a wonderful view, head over to Scala and watch the fireworks with a view overlooking Ravello.

Procession for Sant' Andrea in Amalfi

Procession for Sant' Andrea in Amalfi


August 1st – Sant’ Alfonso Maria de’ Liguori , Scala

The town of Scala is decorated with colorful lights by the first of August to celebrate Sant’ Alfonso de’ Liguori. Born near Naples in 1696, St. Alphonsus was very closely connected to the town of Scala, where he founded the Congregation of the Most Holy Redeemer. While a religious celebration takes place on August 1st, the decorations are also part of Scala’s celebration for their patron saint on August 10th.

August 10th – Festival for San Lorenzo, Scala

The biggest festival of the year in Scala takes place on August 10th in honor of San Lorenzo (St. Lawrence). The celebrations include a religious procession through town and a fireworks display after dark. This is an excellent opportunity to visit the beautiful Church of San Lorenzo in Scala when it is lit up and decorated for the festivities.

August 15th – Ferragosto, Positano and Maiori

Ferragosto is a holiday throughout Italy in honor of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary. You’ll find beach parties and events taking place in most on the towns of the Amalfi Coast on August 15th. The celebrations are more elaborate and fun in Positano and Maiori, where the most important churches in both towns are dedicated to Santa Maria Assunta, or the Assumption of the Virgin. Positano’s celebrations take place starting on August 14th, and are especially vivid as the history of the arrival of the town’s famous icon of the Black Madonna is recreated. The fireworks displays in Positano and Maiori on August 15th are wonderful from the sea, and there are boat tours from Amalfi that will take you to see both of them.

Festival of La Maddalena in Atrani

Festival of La Maddalena in Atrani

This is just a taste of some of the biggest summer religious festivals on the Amalfi Coast. There are many more! There are also many sagre (food festivals) and other summer festivals, but I’ll include those in another post. If you’ve experienced a summer religious festival that I’ve left out, please do leave a comment and I’ll add it to a list. Let the summer festivities begin!

Photo Friday: Sorrento Sunset

Sunset over Bay of Naples from Sorrento

For as much as I love Amalfi, the sunsets just aren’t as striking as you’ll see from Positano or on the northern side of the Sorrento Peninsula. The Capo di Conca juts out into the sea beyond the town of Conca dei Marini blocking out the best view of the setting sun. While I do love watching the warm glow of the evening light on the mountains just west of Amalfi, it’s always lovely to get the chance to see a spectacular sunset. For a fabulous view, just drive west from Amalfi anywhere past Conca dei Marini or past the Capo Sottile to the Vettica Maggiore side of Praiano to catch a glimpse of a beautiful sunset on the Amalfi Coast.

A couple of weeks ago we made a last minute evening trip to Sorrento to take a look a look at the motorino that would soon be my Liberty. As we were leaving and following the twisting road leading over to the Amalfi Coast Road, we noticed the mountains were all tinted pink. Turning around, this was the stunning view behind us! I made the Tour Guide pull over at the next curve possible, and I ran like a silly fool down a hill to take this shot. Do you see the cruise boat in the Sorrento harbor? I do love a good sunset!

Happy weekend to everyone!

Photo Friday: November Sunset

Sometimes, although very rarely, I go out of the house without my camera. I usually regret it. Not long ago on a whim we took an evening drive from Amalfi toward Positano. As we came around a corner into Conca dei Marini, the sun was sinking into the sea, setting the Amalfi coastline pink against the deep blue water. Dig, dig, dig … no camera! Thank goodness for my cell phone, which has a camera on it that fills when I’ve forgotten my camera at home. It hardly captures the colors and how gorgeous the bright pink sun was setting near Positano’s Li Galli islands. In the distance you can see Praiano spilling down the side of the mountain. We don’t get sunsets quite this beautiful in Amalfi, so I thought I’d share this quick camera shot this week.

Wishing all my readers a lovely weekend!