Christmas Eve Fireworks in Amalfi

If you’ve spent time exploring the little side streets and alleys in Amalfi, you’ll have quickly learned that there are a lot of stairs to get pretty much anywhere. A lot. Late on Christmas Eve we worked off the big dinner by climbing about 200 steps to meet some good friends for a drink while waiting for midnight. What were we waiting for? No, not the new year!

After the late mass, the beautiful bronze doors of Amalfi’s Duomo are opened and a procession leads out to the top of the staircase. At midnight many churches and families across Italy celebrate the birth of Jesus by placing the bambino in the nativity scene. In Amalfi, a symbolic star is lit with sparkling fireworks at midnight and a fireworks display is set off over the Piazza Duomo in the center of Amalfi. This is the moment Christmas truly begins!

The Christmas Eve fireworks are just a tiny sample compared to what the city does for New Year’s Eve. All the stops are pulled for the most impressive fireworks display of the year on the Amalfi Coast. Wishing you all a very happy New Year’s Eve and peaceful 2013!

Happy Holidays from the Amalfi Coast!

Christmas on the Amalfi Coast

This is my third Christmas on the Amalfi Coast, and each year I fall in love just a little bit more with the holiday celebrations, decorations and season in Italy. The simple beauty of Christmas and time with family seem somehow less adulterated by the commercialism of America. I was pleased to see that Amalfi stepped back its Christmas decorations and lighting this year compared to recent years, in attempt to hold closer to tradition and to save money. Most of the lighting was already in place for the Festival of Sant’ Andrea on November 30th. I’ve read the town has reduced the cost of lighting 50% from last year and the money will be invested in a permanent light display. The live pine tree in the Piazza Duomo has been decorated this year with colorful decorations made from recycled materials, including CDs, by a group of disabled kids from the Centro Diurno di Socializzazione in Amalfi. I think they are fun, and I love that they were handmade in Amalfi!

Christmas decorations in Amalfi

There are many events and concerts for Christmas in Amalfi this year. It’s a fun and festive time of year in Amalfi! I wish all of my readers a warm and happy holiday time … Buon Natale from the Amalfi Coast!

Christmas Lights & Music in Amalfi 2010

Last week I told you that it was beginning to look a lot like Christmas in Amalfi as they began to put up the Christmas lights and decorations throughout town. On December 8th, for the celebration of the Immaculate Conception, Amalfi’s Christmas lights were turned on and celebrated with a marching band from Minori and fireworks that were postponed from the rained out Festival of Sant’ Andrea. It was a festive and lively way to start the Christmas season in Amalfi! This year the Christmas lights are pretty and quite different in each part of town. Here’s a photo tour this year’s Christmas lights in Amalfi.

This year, for the first time that anyone can remember, they built a large pyramid-shaped albero di natale (Christmas tree) in Piazza Flavio Gioia.

Christmas Tree Amalfi 2010

At night the Christmas tree is really striking, especially when you’re walking around the piazza and along the waterfront.

Christmas Tree Night Amalfi 2010

The most beautiful lights in town are along the main road overlooking the Marina Grande Beach. If you look through the lights you can spot the bell tower of the San Biagio Church.

Christmas Lights Amalfi

The small Piazza dei Dogi is entirely blue this year, with large blue and white sparkling balls and a pretty winter scene.

Christmas Lights Piazza dei Dogi Amalfi

The road leading into Piazza Duomo is covered with arcs of white and yellow lights. Just beyond you can catch a glimpse of a big red bow.

Piazza Duomo Christmas Lights Amalfi

The Banco di Napoli in Piazza Duomo is wrapped with a large red bow, which the locals either adore or hate. (Isn’t that always the case with Christmas lights?)

Christmas Ribbon Lights Amalfi

The Duomo of Amalfi is gorgeous at night with all the lights in the piazza below. This year it is also lit with colored lights that cycle through different colors, which I didn’t capture well in my night photos.

Duomo of Amalfi Christmas Lights

When I arrived in Amalfi last Wednesday evening, I heard Christmas music coming from the Piazza Duomo. The band from Minori was in town for the Immacolata procession, and during the Mass they were marching around Amalfi playing Christmas songs. Here are a couple of quick videos I made to give you a taste of the Christmas celebrations and lights in Amalfi this year.

Happy Holidays from the Amalfi Coast!