Dream of Italy Capri Special Report

When you think of Italy, where do you dream of visiting? For so many travelers around the world, the Amalfi Coast and Capri are top of that list. It was exactly the same for me. Living here for more than a decade has only confirmed what I felt on that first visit. This place has a certain something that just makes you want to stay. Or, at the very least, come back as often as possible! Since traveling isn’t possible at the moment, it was a special experience to sit down at my desk and guest edit the Capri Special Report April/ May issue of Dream of Italy. I hope through the words and images this issue helps inspire you to keep dreaming about Italy now … and plan a trip back when it is safe to travel again. We hope it won’t be long!

Faraglioni Rocks

Why Capri? With so many tempting travel destinations in Campania, it wasn’t easy to pick just one with Dream of Italy founder Kathy McCabe. Yet we both thought of Capri straight away because it’s a place we love and know so many people dream of visiting. One of the main ideas was one to share a deeper look at the island that some travelers experience as perhaps too crowded or maybe skip entirely since they’ve heard it’s “touristy.” While I understand that not every destination is for everyone, there truly is no place in the world like Capri. So what we’ve done is crafted this Special Report to not only provide some dreamy travel moments, but to also inspire you to visit Capri and stay for longer. Sure do the day trip if that’s all the time you can squeeze in. Yet, if life has taught us something lately it’s that we need to slow down and savor what we experience. Capri will reward you over and over again if you slow down and savor its beauty.

The Certosa di San Giacomo – one of my favorite quiet spots on Capri

This Capri Special Report is packed with tips to help you discover the quieter side of Capri, experience the natural beauty in calm settings, spend a day at the beach below the Faraglioni rocks, and enjoy a relaxing meal at the best restaurants. On top of that, you’ll find out about Capri’s fashion history and where to find the local traditions vibrantly alive today. And that’s just the start! If you’d like to read the full report, visit the Dream of Italy website to find out more about Membership. There are some excellent bonuses for subscribing now, including the beautiful new book Always Italy by Frances Mayes.

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Discover the Art of Capri in Italia! Magazine

While Amalfi will always have my heart, the island of Capri has a very special place there as well. Recently, I had the chance to share some of my favorite things about Capri in the February 2020 issue of Italia! magazine. With an artistic bent, this article offers a small glimpse into some of the people, places, and experiences that for me really get at the true essence of the island’s magic.