Amalfi Coast Travel Atrani Restaurants and Things to Do Moon

Foto Friday | Moonlight in Atrani

Amalfi Coast Travel Atrani Restaurants and Things to Do Moon

No matter what’s going on, there’s always a refuge for me in the beauty of the Amalfi Coast. It’s the kind of beauty that you can throw yourself into completely. It truly is good for the soul. And when you add in a spectacular, nearly full moon and a warm October evening? Oh, what a little moonlight can do! Last night we had a beautiful dinner at Ristorante Le Arcate in Atrani while enjoying the most remarkable moonlight streaming across the sea. This photo doesn’t begin to capture the beauty of the scene. Yet the very fact that I could capture something at all took me right back to another magical night taking photos in Boccadasse, Genova with Di Mackey. The gentle waves became a blur with the long exposure – a blurring of time and distance – but the moonlight shines strong.

September Storm Clouds Amalfi Coast

Majestic Clouds

September on the Amalfi Coast

September is usually a very busy month with work and catching up after the summer, and especially so this year after traveling to America to visit family in August. In my free moments, which are already few and far between, I’ve been working on updating some things behind the scenes and adding a few new features for Ciao Amalfi to make the blog far more accessible. In the meantime, the Amalfi Coast has been putting on quite a show of its majestic landscape. Last week was stormy, which brought with it some spectacular views courtesy mother nature.

September on the Amalfi Coast Atrani

Watching big storms pass by out at sea is a remarkable experience. When I took these photos there was lighting in the distance toward Salerno, but over Amalfi, Atrani, Ravello and Scala the sun was shining. You could get lost in the big white clouds, which is precisely what I did for a little while.

September Storm Clouds Amalfi Coast

But then it was back to work time!


The New Year

Amalfi Harbor New Year's Day 2013

The harbor of Amalfi on New Year's Day 2013

The beginning of a new year is always a special time – for reflection, for a pause in the hubbub of daily life and for hope for the year ahead. Even though it’s just one of the many days each year, it still feels something like a blank canvas or that crisp, empty page of a new notebook. Boy there’s nothing I love more than the possibilities of a new notebook. While any old notebook will do if the main purpose is simply filling the pages, there’s something extra special about a beautiful notebook. Just like there’s something extra special in the air when the new year starts with a clear blue sky. A moment to be treasured.

Amalfi Marina Grande Beach January 2013

At the beach in Amalfi on New Year's Day!

This year New Year’s Day arrived with a brilliant blue sky and warmer than average temperatures on the Amalfi Coast. Before joining family for the traditional New Year’s Day lunch, we enjoyed the sunshine and the start of the new year in Amalfi. There were people already soaking up the sun on the beach and even a few brave swimmers testing the water. And with the exquisite colors of the sea in the winter you can hardly blame them. It is oh so tempting!

Amalfi Turquoise Sea New Year's Day 2013

The clear, turquoise winter sea in Amalfi on New Year's Day

After a late night watching the spectacular New Year’s Eve fireworks in Amalfi, a walk on such a beautiful day was the perfect way to start the new day and the new year. Following the road from Amalfi we headed toward the neighboring village of Atrani. Along the way is the medieval watchtower that is now a part of the Hotel Luna.

Amalfi Hotel Luna Watchtower January 2013

The Hotel Luna watchtower in Amalfi

Atrani was looking sleepy and very lovely on New Year’s Day. There was an air of quiet everywhere as the villages awoke to a glorious start to the new year.

Atrani January 2013

Atrani on New Year's Day 2013

Around the corner past Atrani lies the beach of Castiglione down a winding staircase of a couple hundred steps. It’s a very popular beach in the summer, and even a few people were enjoying the sunshine on New Year’s Day this year.

Ravello Castiglione Beach January 2013

A secluded winter beach on the Amalfi Coast

If you’re used to cold water temperatures you can still enjoy a swim in the sea during the winter months on the Amalfi Coast. While there are some locals that swim nearly every day and tourists that brave the cold, it’s not my cup of tea. I’m an admirer of the sea from afar in the winter, which is when I think the colors are the most beautiful. This vivid turquoise is just incredible!

Swimming on the Amalfi Coast January 2013

Anyone for a swim?

I hope your new year is off to a brilliant and happy start! Wishing you a peaceful year ahead filled with many tales to recount in your blank notebook.

Enjoying the Twists & Turns of Life on the Amalfi Coast

Reflection of the buildings and mountains in Atrani

It’s been a rainy spring on the Amalfi Coast, but yesterday was the perfect day to take my scooter out for a ride. While I have been out for some short trips, this was the first time I enjoyed a ride with the spring scents in the air, the sun shining and the trees all leafed out. As soon as I rounded the first turn, it all came right back and I fell in love all over again with the feel of the curves in the road and the fresh air. I zigzagged my way down the road to Atrani and parked the motorino near the beach. As I was taking off my helmet I caught a pretty view reflected in my rear view mirror. What a gorgeous day!

Amalfi Coast Beach Atrani

Summer sun and spring breezes on the beach in Atrani

The sun said summer but the cool breezes blowing in off the sea made it a bit chilly if you stepped out of the sun. The colors were stunning yesterday evening, the deep blue of the sea, the brightly colored boats on the beach and the green, white and red of the flag flipping in the wind.

Don't mind me. I'll just stand here and stare at the colors for awhile.

Brilliant doesn’t even begin to describe the colors on the beach. I took off my sunglasses to soak in as much of it unfiltered as I could. I took two photos while I was standing there, which is a record minimum for me. (And my husband wasn’t even there to appreciate it!) That’s how stunning it was. I must go back on another sunny and clear evening, but with my wits about me to take more photos.

One last glimpse of Atrani before putting on the helmet

As I opened the storage container behind the scooter to pull out my helmet and ride over to Amalfi, I caught one last glimpse of Atrani. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. My first spring ride on the scooter was very well timed, as yesterday I received in the mail the June issue of Italia! Magazine with my latest article about my experiences learning to ride a scooter on the Amalfi Coast. Couldn’t think of a more appropriate way to celebrate! (And they even selected my photo of Atrani to use in the article – perfect!)

Italia Magazine Column on the Amalfi Coast June 2012

My latest article in Italia! Magazine about learning to write a scooter on the Amalfi Coast

If you haven’t yet picked up a copy of Italia! Magazine, it’s a lovely publication filled with gorgeous photos, interesting articles and lots of great Italian recipes. For those of you who love the Amalfi Coast and Campania, don’t miss the June issue with articles about Naples, climbing Mt. Vesuvius and, of course, more about the twists and turns of riding a scooter on the Amalfi Coast!