Snowy Mountains on the Amalfi Coast

Mountain Snow Amalfi Coast

Remember all the humidity I was talking about last Friday? Well, over the weekend the north wind started to blow and temps dropped enough for the rain to turn to snow at the tops of the Lattari Mountains high above Scala, Ravello and along the Amalfi Coast. Isn’t it beautiful? This afternoon I took a few photos while out and about, and I love how the white mountains echoed the white houses stretching out along Ravello.

Snow Amalfi Coast

This was an pretty sight from near the Sanctuary of Ss. Cosma e Damiano in Ravello …  and certainly not one that you see often on the Amalfi Coast. Look at those dramatic snowy mountains!

Winter View Ravello

Photo Friday: Humidity

winter window

It’s a little humid today on the Amalfi Coast. The windows of the house are covered with condensation on the inside and rain on the outside. I noticed this little snail making its way across the outside of the living room window. Yep, it’s definitely a little humid today.

Happy (humid) Friday!

Photo Friday: A Serengeti Sunrise on the Amalfi Coast

Sunrise Amalfi Coast

With a boyfriend who works as an official tour guide for the region of Campania, our days often start early. Especially when his groups depart from Sorrento or Salerno over an hour away. The bright side is that I get the chance to watch the day begin, as the sun climbs up over the mountains across the Bay of Salerno. Yesterday morning, while I was still puttering around the kitchen making a cup of tea, I noticed the bedroom was lit with a bright orange glow that I hadn’t ever seen before. I grabbed my camera and opened the window to find this glorious sight. The vivid orange and the trees silhouetted by the intense darkness reminded me of images I’ve seen of sunrises on the Serengeti. A deep breath of cool, clear air. What a way to start the day … And the New Year!

Buon Anno & Happy New Year wishes to you!!

Borghi d’Italia – Scala on TV

This weekend the town of Scala on the Amalfi Coast will be featured on the weekly TV show Borghi d’Italia on TV2000. Each week Borghi d’Italia features a small town in Italy focusing on art, history and traditions. For anyone who loves the Amalfi Coast, you won’t want to miss this look at one of the oldest towns on the Costiera Amalfitana – Scala. If you’re in Italy, tune into TV200o (channel 801 if you have SKY), or visit the TV2000 website to watch the show on the wonderful live streaming video on their homepage.


Borghi d’Italia

Sunday, December 26th at 1:30pm (Italy time)

TV2000 Live Streaming Video

Where Woman Cook: Mamma Agata New York City Event!

I have great news to share with those of you reading from the New York City area! My dear friend Chiara Lima from the Mamma Agata Cooking School on the Amalfi Coast in Ravello will be returning to your area on December 10th for an exciting event at Chelsea Market (75 Ninth Avenue, between 15th & 16th) in New York City for the launch of a fabulous new foodie magazine called Where Women Cook. Chiara will be there along with Ree Drummond (the Pioneer Woman) and many other famous cooks! Here’s a peek inside the first issue with a feature on the Mamma Agata Cooking School and Chiara’s lovely Simple and Genuine cookbook:

Mamma Agata Amalfi Coast Cooking School

If you missed Chiara on her book tour last month, this is the perfect chance to meet her and pick up a signed copy of the first issue of Where Women Cook and Chiara’s beautiful Simple and Genuine cookbook. (A great holiday gift idea!!) Here are the details:

Chelsea Market, 75 Ninth Avenue, between 15th & 16th, New York City, December 10th, 2-5 PM

For a little sneak peek of what you’ll find inside Chiara’s Simple and Genuine cookbook, check out this wonderful guest appearance Chiara and her husband Gennaro did on ABC 7 News in Chicago where they prepare their Spaghetti del Contadino (Farmer’s Spaghetti). After watching the video yesterday morning I just had to make this quick, easy and delicious pasta dish for lunch. Enjoy!