Photo Friday: Signs of Spring

Spring Fig Blossoms Amalfi

It was wonderful to arrive back on the Amalfi Coast earlier this week and find that I didn’t miss the arrival of spring. This is one of my favorite times of the year, watching the trees bud and blossom. In Amalfi on Wednesday I was looking down at the sun sparkling on the sea and noticed the bright green leaves on this fig tree. You can even see the little figs growing. Spring is here!

Buon fine settimana!

Buon Carnevale 2011!

It’s Carnevale time in Italy, and for the first time in two years I’m missing Carnival on the Amalfi Coast due to my travels in America. While I’m not a big fan of the dressing up or dodging silly string wars going on between the local kids (or wondering where all that confetti ends up …), I don’t take lightly missing the divine lasagna made by the tour guide’s sister. Just to keep me from crying, there is another one planned for when I return. Another Carnival treat I love are the crunchy chiacchiere made for dessert. These are fried strips of thin dough that are covered in powdered sugar and are made throughout Italy for Carnevale. Before I left, a friend surprised us with a tray of chiacchiere from a pasticcceria in Pagani, just on the other side of the mountains. They were seriously coated with powdered sugar, but with a few taps to remove the extra they were really tasty.

Curious about other Carnevale traditions on the Amalfi Coast and throughout Campania? Last month I wrote an article for Charming Italy about some fun Carnevale traditions, foods and events in Campania. Buon Carnevale a tutti!

The Vision Changes – The Eye Remembers

The Vision Changes The Eye Remembers Exhibit


Later this week I’ll be making a trip back to Minnesota where I attended graduate school at the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul. For many years while I worked on my Masters in Art History, I assisted with planning and hanging quite a few exhibitions for the Art History Department. The tables have been turned, however, and I am honored to be sharing with you all that some of the photographs I’ve taken on the Amalfi Coast have been included in the exhibit The Vision Changes – The Eye Remembers at the University of St. Thomas. The exhibit opens this Friday, March 4th, and runs through May 23rd.

It was exciting to think about an exhibition from the artist’s point of view rather than as a curator, and I loved the challenge of selecting photos that embodied this theme of visual change and memory. You’ll spot one of my photographs of Amalfi in the poster above, and others selected for the exhibit include scenes from Cetara, Amafi and photos taken before and after the flood in Atrani last September.

Next week I’ll share more photos from the opening reception and the exhibit. I’m looking forward to seeing my good friends in the Twin Cities this week! Many thanks to the Art History Department at St. Thomas for including my photographs in this beautiful exhibition!

Snowy Mountains on the Amalfi Coast

Mountain Snow Amalfi Coast

Remember all the humidity I was talking about last Friday? Well, over the weekend the north wind started to blow and temps dropped enough for the rain to turn to snow at the tops of the Lattari Mountains high above Scala, Ravello and along the Amalfi Coast. Isn’t it beautiful? This afternoon I took a few photos while out and about, and I love how the white mountains echoed the white houses stretching out along Ravello.

Snow Amalfi Coast

This was an pretty sight from near the Sanctuary of Ss. Cosma e Damiano in Ravello …  and certainly not one that you see often on the Amalfi Coast. Look at those dramatic snowy mountains!

Winter View Ravello

Photo Friday: Humidity

winter window

It’s a little humid today on the Amalfi Coast. The windows of the house are covered with condensation on the inside and rain on the outside. I noticed this little snail making its way across the outside of the living room window. Yep, it’s definitely a little humid today.

Happy (humid) Friday!