Photo Friday: Humidity

winter window

It’s a little humid today on the Amalfi Coast. The windows of the house are covered with condensation on the inside and rain on the outside. I noticed this little snail making its way across the outside of the living room window. Yep, it’s definitely a little humid today.

Happy (humid) Friday!

Rough Seas in Amalfi

November 1st arrived this year with maltempo, or bad weather, all across Italy. We woke up the morning of the first to a strong, warm scirocco wind blowing from the southeast. The wind brought with it a sudden spike in temperature and a very rough sea in Amalfi. The waves were crashing on the Marina Grande beach and against the rocks along the town’s three piers that define the port. We had parked the car in Amalfi’s main parking area behind the largest port, and on the way back to the car we made a last minute decision to stop for lunch at the Ristorante Lido delle Sirene behind the port. The waves were making quite the display, sometimes crashing as high as the restaurant, which you can see on the right in the photo below.

From their glassed in terrace we had lunch with a spectacular view of the waves crashing against the rocky beach. The sound and power of the sea was tremendous! Here are some shots I took during lunch while we enjoyed paccheri con gamberetti. It felt like the waves were coming right at us!




After some delightful and sunny November days last weekend, the bad weather has returned again this week. The seas are rough and the winds intense. But that’s just November on the Amalfi Coast! Head over and check out my recent post on the Amalfi Coast Local Flavor Blog for NileGuide to see more photos of the maltempo and huge waves crashing on the rocks in Amalfi!

Howdy from Nebraska!

From the rainy Amalfi Coast I landed late last week in snowy Nebraska. I did at first feel a bit “walled about with drifts of snow,” and was reminded of Longfellow’s poem about Amalfi. But the wintry white landscape is beautiful and certainly different from what we see on the Amalfi Coast. When it does actually snow, it never sticks around quite like this.

A week before I left it did snow on the Amalfi Coast for the first time this winter. I’ll share the photos and videos of the beautiful nighttime sugar snow on the Amalfi Coast soon. In the meantime, howdy to all of my readers from Nebraska!

Sea Green


Ciao Amalfi Coast Blog Sea Green 1


Last week we left the rain and clouds of the Amalfi Coast for a little vacation in Paris. (Pictures and stories coming soon!) While we were disappointed to return to still more rain Sunday evening, Monday morning greeted us with glorious sunshine. In Amalfi, the water shimmers in beautiful shades of sea green and bright turquoise during these cold and clear days of January and February.


Ciao Amalfi Coast Blog Sea Green 2


This is certainly one of the treats of being on the Amalfi Coast during the winter months!


Ciao Amalfi Coast Blog Sea Green 3


Today we’re enjoying another day of sun (I’m getting caught up on vacation laundry!), and I’m ignoring the news that more rain is in store for us this week. Today it’s all sun!

Can I Complain About the Rain?

I know with all the terrible snow, flooding and bad storms around Europe and American these days that I don’t really have any right to complain about the near constant rain we’ve been having here on the Amalfi Coast. While winter weather on the Amalfi Coast can be a bit, well, glum, the winter storms do bring with them some rough seas that can be quite exciting. The shot above is looking toward the Hotel Luna in Amalfi. Let’s just hope no one was walking by when that wave crashed against the rocks!

Over by the port the rough seas have already damaged some of the railings. I think these have to be fixed just about every year. And here’s why:

The power of the sea is always impressive to me. It is there so calm and clear some days, but in the back of my mind I remember just what it is capable of. Hope the weather for all you reading will improve soon!