How well do you know the Amalfi Coast?




Think you know every twist and turn of the Amalfi Coast? I was just sent the link (thanks, Mom!) to a fun article on the Amalfi Coast Drive on the National Geographic Traveler website. Head over and take their quiz to see how well you know the Amalfi Coast. Some of the questions are tough, but you might just learn a few new things about the Amalfi Coast. I know I did! I’ll own up that I missed the question about the four corners of the Villa Rufolo in Ravello. What was your score??


Blue Question mark

Tempting Tuesday: Amalfi Coast End of Summer Blues


The sun is out and the weather has warmed up significantly since last week. These are the beautiful autumn days that I love, with the changing colors of the trees and grape vines glowing brilliantly in the sun. I’ve so enjoyed doing these color themed posts over this past month, and remembering the beautiful memories from the summer. But you know I couldn’t end this series without blue! After all, it’s the color of the sea and sky and the fishing boats and so much more here on the Amalfi Coast. While I love the change of seasons, I’m also a bit blue that summer is coming to an end. It sure was a good one! 


Ciao Amalfi Coast Blog Blue Boats CapriI love the bright colors at Capri’s Marina Grande, especially the blue boats!



ticket boothsRemember the new ticket booths in Amalfi that I didn’t like? Well, I still don’t like them! 



Ciao Amalfi Coast Blog Atrani BeachThe lovely beach in Atrani is all blue!



Ciao Amalfi Coast Blog Festa del Pesce Azzurro AtraniSpeaking of Atrani, they also have the Blue Fish Festival!



Ciao Amalfi Coast Blog Art Show Amalfi I loved this art show I happened across in Amalfi this summer.



Ciao Amalfi Coast Blog Capri Lido Faro Swimming at the Faro beach on Capri was a summer highlight!



Ciao Amalfi Coast Blog Blue Boat Amalfi Boats in Amalfi



Ciao Amalfi Coast Blog Lido RavelloEvening light at the Castiglione beach, which is Ravello’s beach.



Ciao Amalfi Coast Blog Waves Boat Salerno Remember the “Harley Davidson” fishing boat in Salerno?



Ciao Amalfi Coast Blog Summer Blues

Summer sun on the toes with the Li Galli Islands in the distance.




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Sunday Shout-out: Living in the Boot




Continuing my September theme on Campania bloggers, this week’s Sunday Shout-out goes to Living in the Boot, a fun title for a fun blog about Life in Naples, Italy. Since March 2008, the blog’s author, Panda (what a fun nickname!), has been in Italy with her husband “E” and their two kids “Peanut” and “Buddy.” Living in the Boot tells the story of many of their adventures adapting to life here in Italy, the ups and downs of living in Naples, and the wonderful recipes that Panda cooks up in the kitchen.


Peanut and Buddy


One of the things I love about Living in the Boot is the positive attitude and fun times that Panda shares with her readers following along. While expat life here in Italy certainly can have its trying moments, I love the approach Panda takes:  “Italy is full of surprises and we’re trying to embrace them all.” Very inspiring! Panda also takes us along as she and her family explore Campania and southern Italy. Most recently they were off to Puglia to see the fascinating trulli in Alberobello. Honestly, I will always think of that as the “Italian smurf land” now and smile because of that post!




For fans of local Campania foods and wines, don’t miss the recent post on the Ocone Winery located in the town of Ponte in the province of Benevento. As harvest time approaches, it’s the perfect time of year here in Italy to be out in the vineyards, and I loved hearing about tasting Falanghina grapes and how to determine when they are perfect for harvesting.


Panda and kids


Join me in following along with Living in the Boot and taking her motto to heart …  Embrace Life! Abbracci la vita!


Trivia: How many of you can guess where the banner photo on Living in the Boot (top photo) was taken? Hint, I’ve walked you right past that church here on Ciao Amalfi earlier this year!



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Boat Procession for the Festival of Sant’Antonio in Amalfi


Ciao Amalfi Coast Blog Antonio Procession7


Just after the statue of Sant’Antonio was safely loaded on the boat and the priest and members of the religious procession had boarded, I heard a voice yell, “Dove le due ragazze?” My heart almost stopped. One of those two girls was me! A good friend had arranged for me and a younger friend of mine to ride on one of the boats during the procession. He knew that she is enamored with boats and that I am always interested in seeing and learning more about the religious processions here. But neither of us expected to ride on the first boat with the statue of Sant’Antonio! (Plus, 10 days before my 29th birthday I got a nice compliment by being called una ragazza.) So we ran up the dock and clamored on the boat with big smiles on our faces and feeling very special.


As we pulled out of the harbor of Atrani, I heard the marching band start up. “No, it couldn’t be!” I thought as I turned around. But, yes, the marching band was on another boat that followed our boat for the entire procession. I can’t explain why this made me so happy, but I still smile when I look at the pictures and watch the videos.


Ciao Amalfi Coast Blog Antonio Procession8





This isn’t a great picture, but I just loved the tuba sticking out of the marching band boat. You can also see some of the other boats that were following the procession.


Ciao Amalfi Coast Blog Antonio Procession9


The boat procession swooped into the harbor of Amalfi and then continued west toward Conca dei Marini, where there is a church dedicated to Sant’Antonio. Here we are looking back toward Amalfi. You can see the Church of Sant’Antonio in Amalfi on the right of the picture just up and to the left from the watchtower.


Ciao Amalfi Coast Blog Antonio Procession10




After reaching Conca dei Marini, the boat procession turned around and returned to the port of Amalfi. Here you can see the campanile of the Church of Sant’Antonio on top of the hill.


Ciao Amalfi Coast Blog Antonio Procession11


I really liked the jaunty song the marching band played on the way back to Amalfi.



I went up to the front of the boat to take a closer look at the statue and to see Amalfi as we sped back into harbor.


Ciao Amalfi Coast Blog Antonio Procession12


The strange thing about being on the first boat is that everyone was looking at us and taking pictures of us! (Well, not us, but it felt like it!) Here is the welcome the boat procession had waiting for it in Amalfi.


Ciao Amalfi Coast Blog Antonio Procession13


Taking the statue off the boat seemed even more difficult than getting in on. The crowd applauded the effort as soon as the statue arrived firmly on the ground in Amalfi.


Ciao Amalfi Coast Blog Antonio Procession14





After arriving in Amalfi the procession continued through the streets of Amalfi and eventually Sant’Antonio returned safely to his home tucked up above the city. After dark, one of Amalfi’s best fireworks displays of the year takes place. I had a great view from the terrace of Lo Smeraldino, one of my favorite restaurants in Amalfi, where I was enjoying spaghetti with lobster. A lovely ending to an amazing day!