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Writing, photography & tales from daily life on Italy’s Amalfi Coast, through the eyes of an American writer and art historian. Currently co-writing a novel with my mother, Sandra Thayer, set on the Amalfi Coast.

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I invite you to explore the pages of Ciao Amalfi to enjoy the beauty, history and traditions of the Amalfi Coast. Can't get enough of the Amalfi Coast? Me either! You can find Ciao Amalfi on Facebook and follow me on Twitter, too. Please email me directly for writing requests or just to say "Ciao!" While I love hearing from readers, please keep in mind that I may not be able to respond to all requests for information or travel planning help for the Amalfi Coast. Explore the archives of Ciao Amalfi for more travel tips and inspiration!
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A Sunday Drive to Salerno

Zooming along the Amalfi Coast curves looking toward Amalfi

The first sunny weekend on the Amalfi Coast and everyone … and I mean everyone … hits the road for a drive. When there’s only one road, that can be problematic. But with the Amalfi Coast road, it’s always best to pack a little extra patience … and your camera! Fortunately, there are the views and the sheer magnitude of this road carved out of the mountainside to keep one company. The colors in the springtime are a nice touch, too!

Bright colors of spring along the Amalfi Coast Road

A couple of . . . → Read More: A Sunday Drive to Salerno

Photo Friday: Architectural Layers

The architecture of the Amalfi Coast is endlessly fascinating to me, and the Duomo of Salerno is one of my favorite spots in Campania. I took this photo in the beautiful atrium looking up to the 12th-century bell tower. To learn more and see more photos (including one of the crypt you won’t want to miss!), visit CharmingItaly where you can read my article on Salerno’s Cathedral of . . . → Read More: Photo Friday: Architectural Layers

Love Locks in Salerno

While walking from the Porto Turistico to the town center of Salerno last week, I noticed something that I had missed while making this same walk many times before. Along the railing overlooking the water there were bunches of locks, like the small ones you might use to lock a bike chain or a locker.



Looking closer I saw that each one had the names of a couple written on it, often with hearts or other sentimental sayings. This must be the Salerno version of the age-old tradition of young lovers carving their names on trees. 



I have to admit it . . . → Read More: Love Locks in Salerno

Tempting Tuesday: Morning Boat Trip from Salerno to Amalfi



As much as I love being out on a boat and watching the sun set along the Amalfi Coast, one of the most beautiful times to see the Amalfi Coast from the sea is early in the morning. The sun is bright and strong this time of year, but the cool evening breezes have blown away the humidity in the air. Everything seems just a bit clearer and brighter this time of year. Last week I took the boat from Salerno to Amalfi on one of those picture perfect days. Want to come along? Sure thing! I’ll be your guide . . . → Read More: Tempting Tuesday: Morning Boat Trip from Salerno to Amalfi

La Festa di San Matteo in the Rain

When I stepped off the boat in Salerno the rain was gently falling and I realized I was not at all where I thought I was. Perhaps it was due to the maltempo, or bad weather, but the boat I was on from Amalfi stopped at the Molo Manfredi instead of the Porto Turistico in Salerno. The problem being that the the former was on the opposite side of Salerno from my destination, while the Porto Turistico was just around the corner. “Oh well,” I thought, “At least I know where I’m going and it’s not raining very hard.” Ever the . . . → Read More: La Festa di San Matteo in the Rain