Foto Friday: Buon San Valentino!

Amalfi Coast Travel Ciao Amalfi San Valentino

Sweet words in chocolate at the Pasticceria Pansa in Amalfi

Love is in the air … and not just for Valentine’s Day today. It’s sunny and beautiful on the Amalfi Coast! This morning I snapped this shot of the chocolate on display and the buildings of Amalfi reflected in the curved glass windows of the Pasticceria Andrea Pansa in Piazza Duomo. The white chocolate bar says, “Ti amo,” which means, “I love you.” How’s that for something sweet for your sweetheart? Wishing everyone a day full of love … Buon San Valentino!

Foto Friday: After the Storm

Amalfi Coast Travel February Storm

Waiting for the sun

It has been raining on the Amalfi Coast and throughout much of Italy. A lot. This is the rainy time of year, but one does tend to miss the sun after awhile. Earlier this week I looked out the bedroom window to this view of a rain storm passing by at sea. Just after the storm the horizon was clear with a little touch of pink from the sunset. Nature is so massively beautiful that it’s hard to miss the sun too much with spectacular shows like this. Wishing you a sunny weekend!

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Foto Friday: San Biagio in Amalfi

Ciao Amalfi San Biagio Church Amalfi

The pastel buildings of Amalfi and the Church of San Biagio

This week’s photo shows one of my favorite spots in Amalfi where you can see how the buildings were built right into and around the mountains. I love how they’re all stacked up on top of one another! At the top of the heap is the Church of San Biagio (or Saint Blaise). The zigzag staircase leads to the entrance of this church, which was founded in 1082. It has one nave and a lovely 18th-century ceramic tile floor, but unfortunately it is rarely open. Good to note before you climb several hundred steps to get there! I’ve only been inside one time years ago for a special mass for San Biagio, which is celebrated on February 3rd. Since that’s coming up next week, this Foto Friday features the Church of San Biagio!

Foto Friday: Sunset Over Ravello

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Ravello at Sunset

Watching the colors of sunset over Ravello

It has been a rather brutal week in the weather department on the Amalfi Coast, with seemingly endless rain and very strong winds. When the rain stops, I quickly lace up my shoes and head out for a walk. This is a view I caught last week while out for an evening walk, which seemed the perfect way to peacefully bring back the Foto Friday series on Ciao Amalfi. It has been ages since I regularly  posted photos each Friday, but it’s just one of the intentions I have for my blog this year. Wishing everyone a happy weekend ahead … with hopeful a great deal more sunshine than predicted for the soggy Amalfi Coast!

January in Amalfi

Blue January sky and sea in Amalfi

January blue skies and the turquoise sea in Amalfi

Welcome 2012! It’s been a momentous beginning to the new year for me, and soon I’ll have photos and stories to share of my wedding in Amalfi on January 4th. The beauty of the day, and all the changes that came with it (not to mention the paper work …), is still sinking in. But the right words are slowly coming, and I look forward to reliving and capturing that very special day through writing. In the meantime, the beauty of Amalfi in January was beckoning this morning, and I stopped to take some photos while out running errands. Wishing you a 2012 filled with sunshine, beauty, warmth … and travels that bring you to the Amalfi Coast!

Duomo of Amalfi in January sunshine

The peeking campanile of the Duomo

Quiet Amalfi Beach in January

Clear skies all the way to the Cilento coast

Amalfi Architecture and Watchtower

Torre dello Ziro watchtower above Amalfi

Lamp with pigeons in Amalfi

The pigeon hangout

Marina Grande Beach in Amalfi

Winter view of the Marina Grande beach