Foto Friday | Finding Center

Ciao Amalfi Coast Travel Finding Center

Um, so just where is centro?

This week I’ve finished up a massive writing project that has kept me even busier than usual of late. It felt good. It felt very good! But now that things are settling back into the normal level of busy, it’s time once again to focus on balance and recenter. Lately life has felt a little too much like this funny sign in Ravello pointing to the centro in opposite directions – and each way with steps. Well, it turns out both pathways do lead back to center of the village. One way has more steps than the other, but I’m not going to tell you which one. That seems to be the thing with life. Sometimes you get stuck on that pathway with way more steps than you might feel like climbing. My life motto: Bring your camera and enjoy the view!

Foto Friday: Limoni

Amalfi Coast Travel Lemons

As the design for Ciao Amalfi slowly transforms to a completely new look, this week’s theme for Foto Friday is dedicated to the bright yellow lemons that you’ll see in the new Ciao Amalfi logo created by the very talented Melissa Muldoon from Melissa Design. More about that in an upcoming blog post, but I just couldn’t resist sharing these lemons that I spotted peeking out from under their protective black net on a walk from Scala to Amalfi last week. It’s lemon harvest time on the Amalfi Coast, and these looked just perfect to pick!

Foto Friday: Festa della Liberazione

Amalfi Coast Festa della Liberazione

Buon anniversario della Liberazione!

Today is the Festa della Liberazione, a national holiday in Italy commemorating the liberation from fascism at the end of World War II. Quite an important historical event to celebrate and an even more important one to never forget. I caught this photo of the Italian flag (with the symbols of the four maritime republics from the Middle Ages – Amalfi, Genoa, Pisa and Venice) off the back of the ferry from Amalfi to Positano. There couldn’t be a more perfect day to share than today!

Foto Friday: Love Me Tender

Amalfi Coast Travel Positano Photography

A sweet little boat in Positano

When I’m in Positano there’s always one person I miss – my mom. I’ll never forget that February day back in 2007 when we first walked on the beach together, picking up sea glass and pebbles and alternating between smiling and crying from happiness. This photo is dedicated to my mom, Sandra Thayer, who taught me to love so many beautiful things in life. For, my darling, I love you and I always will!

Foto Friday: The Duomo in My Dreams

Ciao Amalfi Coast Travel Cathedral of Amalfi

Not a dream at all …

I woke up this morning just after sunrise but before the alarm beeped the beginning of a new day. I’m a morning person, even on the mornings when my body feels like starting a little bit slower. Even before I had moved, my brain was fighting its way through the fog of sleep and when I woke up it was full of words. It was crafting a piece on the Duomo of Amalfi that I hope to share soon on Ciao Amalfi. I jumped out of bed, hurried to my desk and began scribbling on all the little scraps of paper I could find to get it all down. When I finished the 7am church bells rang. I wonder just what had I been dreaming about?