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Thanks to all of your votes over the past week, this morning I am happy to announce that my post, Every Sunday Evening, was selected as the winner for the Buon Viaggio category in the Blogging from the Boot contest. You can find out all the winners here on the website.


Congratulations also to Scintilla over at Bell’Avventura who won for the Paparazzi: Expat Photography category for her beautiful photos of the Pathway of the Gods above Positano. Go Amalfi Coast!!


Many thanks to everyone for the votes! I wish I could share my artisan chocolate from Perugia with all of you. Yum!

Ciao Amalfi is a Blogging from the Boot Finalist!




I was so exciting to learn yesterday that my post titled Every Sunday Evening that I wrote last August about the weekly bocce games near my house was selected as a finalist in the Blogging from the Boot contest. This contest has been co-hosted by the lovely ladies Cherrye at My Bella Vita and Tina from Tina Tangos. What an honor to be selected as a finalist out of the great group of Italy expat bloggers out there!


Click here to read the entries and VOTE!!


There are three finalists in each of the seven categories, so there is something to interest all readers. My post is in the Buon Viaggio: Living and Traveling in Italy category. Voting will be open through Friday, February 5 at 5:00 PM, Italy time.


Thanks so much & happy reading!

Sunday Shout-out: Sicily Scene

It’s Sunday and time to introduce you all to another one of my favorite reads in the Italian blogosphere. We’re still down in Sicily, which is a part of Italy I’m eager to explore some day. In the meantime, I love learning about life in Sicily and its customs, traditions, food and beautiful landscape. One of the blogs that covers all these things is Sicily Scene – “Sicilian life, good and bad, as seen by ‘Welshcakes Limoncello’, a British woman who emigrated to the island in 2005. You’ll find some recipes here, too.”  Let me introduce you to Pat Eggleton, aka Welshcakes Limoncello, who blogs from the beautiful town of Modica in southeastern Sicily where she works as a writer, language teacher and linguist. Here’s Pat with her impossibly cute dog Simi:


Pat and Simi


Simi the Sicilian Dog

Simone the Sicilian Dog


Many of you might have noticed Pat has recently started writing articles on the Italy Magazine website. I love her insight and sense of humor! Many congrats to Pat for her new column on Italy Magazine called Patti Chiari. Head on over there to read her story about a lifelong love of Italy and her adventurous move from Wales to Sicily with Simi and 6,000 books. This is a woman after my own heart!


Stop by Sicily Scene  or Italy Magazine to say “ciao” to Pat. Or visit her on Twitter (@Modicana) to get the latest tweets from Modica. Tante grazie Pat & Simi for introducing us to life in Modica, Sicily!


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Sunday Shout-out: Keeping Time


Don’t you just love it when you happen across a blog that makes you smile? I have several favorite stops for when I need to add a little smile to my day, and one of them is Emily’s lovely blog Keeping Time: One Mom’s Journey.




Emily and her husband Chris live in Sicily where he’s currently stationed in the Navy. They have two sweet and beautiful daughters named Katherine and Penelope. Through holidays, every day moments, ups and downs, Emily’s writing, beautiful photos and stories so often bring a warm smile to my face. If you haven’t visited Keeping Time yet, pop on over. For those of you who are regular visitors, but sure to head over and check out Emily’s beautiful new blog design!


Halloween_Eve_012The sweet Katherine & Penelope 



Are you smiling now? I am!

Thank you Emily for sharing your family stories from Sicily!

Buona domenica!!



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Sunday Shout-out: Heather Jacks @ Sicilia Through Images


I’m back on the scene with my Sunday Shout-out feature, and this month I’d like to share with you some of my favorite bloggers from the island of Sicily. This summer I shouted about Karen at Lost in Sicilia, which is one of the many blogs from Sicily I enjoy following regularly. I’ll kick off this month’s theme by shining the spotlight on the most recent Sicily blogger I’ve discovered. Last month, ItalyTutto introduced me to the new photoblog Sicilia Through Images, where the talented American photographer Heather Jacks shares her photographs of her new home – Sicily.


Self portrait


Heather lives in the Catania region and her photos introduce us to the beauty of Sicily one shot at a time. I could get lost in her photographs – the sense of calm, the richness of texture and the depth. I enjoy seeing Sicily through Heather’s eyes, and I look forward to her regular posts on Sicilia Through Images. Be sure also to visit Heather’s photography website to see more of her work. Before you get lost in the wonderful shots that Heather shared with me for this Sunday Shout-out, head over to the great blog Casa Dolcetto: Italian Insights where Adrian has selected Heather as this month’s guest photographer and where you can read a great interview. (This week you get two shout-outs!)


Now, sit back, relax and dream of Sicilia…


Caltagirone Street Caltagirone Street




Piazza Duomo Acireale (2) Cattedrale di Acireale




Caltigirone AlleyCaltagirone Alley 




Olive trees at Valle dei Templi1

 Olive Trees in Infrared



Tante grazie Heather for sharing your stunning photography on Sicilia Through Images!



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