Tempting Tuesday: A Walk in Pogerola


Ciao Amalfi Coast Blog Pogerola 

Up in the mountains above Amalfi is a little town called Pogerola. Saying “town” actually makes it sound too big. This is more like a village or a hamlet. Although it is high above Amalfi, Pogerola is technically speaking a part of Amalfi. Some of our favorite restaurants are in Pogerola, and the views from up there are terrific. As chance it would have it, I hadn’t ever been to Pogerola during the daytime. Recently, an errand took us up to Pogerola on a nice sunny day, and we took a few minutes to enjoy a quick walk. Above is the main church of Pogerola, and nearby you’ll find steps leading up to a hill. Well, what are you waiting for? Climb those steps!


Ciao Amalfi Coast Blog View from Pogerola 3


When you get toward the top there are beautiful views of the sea on one side and looking toward Ravello on the other side.


Ciao Amalfi Coast Blog View from Pogerola 4


A single cypress:


Ciao Amalfi Coast Blog View from Pogerola 2


This month’s banner image shows the view from Pogerola looking toward Ravello. In the foreground you can see Pontone and above in the distance Ravello.


Ciao Amalfi Coast Blog View from Pogerola 1


If you find yourself in Pogerola, do stop at the fruit and vegetable shop next to the post office. They have a wonderful selection and sell homemade jars of sundried tomatoes, figs and olives, and freshly dried fruits. We brought home the best dried apricots I’ve ever tasted. A nice walk, gorgeous views and tasty fruit – the makings of a lovely day!



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November Banner: Sunset Over Capri


Ciao Amalfi Coast November Banner Capri


It’s official. There has been a change of season here on the Amalfi Coast. But this time I’m not talking about the weather. The “no tourist season,” as Scintilla from Bell’Avventura calls it, has begun. From the end of October to the beginning of November is one of my favorite periods during the year to go to Capri. The island is m0vingly beautiful this time of year. The restaurants and shops have yet to shut down for the winter and there are far fewer tourists to deal with. This past weekend, we hopped on one of the boats to Capri and spent a beautiful and sunny day just wandering the streets of Capri Town, looking for fall colors and enjoying marvelous views and an exquisite lunch. I’ll be tempting you with those photos all November!


The banner photo for this month celebrates Capri in November with a view of the island I took last November on a sunset boat ride back to Amalfi. If you look closely on the left you can see the sun shining through the hole in the Faraglioni rocks. The photo above shows the very tip of the Amalfi Coast on the right. Capri never fails to be a magical place for me, and I hope to share some of that magic with you this month here on Ciao Amalfi!


Happy November to all!

September Banner: Late Summer Sun in Conca dei Marini


Ciao Amalfi Coast Blog Conce dei Marini


It’s September 1st, and what that means when you live on the Amalfi Coast is that you have survived the August heat and invasion of tourists. While there hasn’t been a break in the high temperatures, I can say there is a whole lot more room to breath here now on the Amalfi Coast. (And park and walk and lay on the beach…) Over at Bell’Avventura, Scintilla recently shared a fun post called You know that it’s August in Positano if … that is a must read for any fans of the Amalfi Coast and anyone who has experienced August here. She also has up a beautiful new banner image of bougainvillea that you have to check out.


Speaking of new banner images, the first of the month means a new one here on Ciao Amalfi. This month is the rich blues of the sky and sea in Conca dei Marini. Located just west of Amalfi, I’ve written about the Church of Sant’Antonio in Conca dei Marini and Conca dei Marini in the Springtime and the Grotta dello Smeraldo (Emerald Grotto). Both of those posts are from my Tempting Tuesday series, which will resume next week after my August break.  In the meantime, I hope you enjoy the late summer sun on the beautiful cove in Conca dei Marini!

August is Vacation Time on the Amalfi Coast


Ciao Amalfi Coast Blog Beach Umbrellas


It’s August and the beaches are getting mighty crowded here on the Amalfi Coast. Those of you who have traveled in Italy this time of year know that the month of August is when Italians go on vacation. While some cities might be a bit less crowded, that is certainly not the case for the Amalfi Coast. The Italians come here! I just love the brightly colored beach umbrellas along the Amalfi Coast, and I couldn’t think of a more appropriate banner image for the month of August. This month the photo is a group of umbrellas from Amalfi, but right now every beach along the coast is full of bright single- or multi-colored umbrellas fluttering in the sea breeze. You can tell when summer has reached its peak by the number of beach umbrellas, and right now in Amalfi there is hardly a free spot!


Ciao Amalfi Coast Blog Beach Umbrella Mountains


You might have noticed around the blogosphere that many of your favorite Italian blogs have gone on ferie, or holiday, for the month of August. While a tempting idea, there are too many fun events, festivals and things to do this time of year that I want to share with you all here on Ciao Amalfi. I have decided, however, in order to balance my writing workload (why does everything have to come in August???) with a bit a my own time under the beach umbrellas, that I will take a break this August from my regular weekly Sunday Shout-out and Tempting Tuesday features. That doesn’t mean I won’t be tempting you all with photos and videos from the Amalfi Coast this month, it just means my posting schedule will be a bit more relaxed—a perfect reflection of these lazy and hot days of August!


Ciao Amalfi Coast Blog Orange Burst 

I snapped these photos of the bright orange beach umbrellas last weekend at Santa Croce, which is one of my favorite beaches on the Amalfi Coast. I love taking photos of the beach umbrellas, and I am sure there will be more coming this month!


Buon agosto!! Happy August!!