Laura Thayer In Italy Expat Spotlight

Have you ever wondered how I ended up here on the Amalfi Coast? Someday I will have to write the story instead of just saying again and again that it would make a good book. In the meantime, many thanks to the friendly folks over at who included me yesterday in their Expat Spotlight feature. I really enjoyed thinking about and writing my responses to the great questions they asked for the Spotlight. I look forward to reading what expats from around the world have to share, especially the expat advice questions. Stop by the website or visit here if you want Expatify to Spotlight you!

How to Save Money while on Holiday on the Amalfi Coast

Are you planning a trip to Italy’s beautiful Amalfi Coast in the coming year, but are worried it might be out of your price range? Think again! Here are five tips to help you save money and get the best out of your visit to Italy’s famed coastline.

With the current economic crunch, it can never hurt to save a few euros. Head over to the Venere Travel Blog to read a few tips I wrote about How to Save Money while on Holiday on the Amalfi Coast. I am sure those of you reading who have visited the area might have some good tips of your own to share. I would love to hear them! Please do leave a comment here or or on the Venere post with your thoughts and travel insights. Grazie mille!

A Romantic Day in Amalfi

While I am off exploring the prairie lands, you can head over to the Travel Blog and read a short article I wrote the day before San Valentino titled A Romantic Day in Amalfi. It is my idea of how to spend a perfect romantic day in Amalfi. Start with a trip to the beach, enjoy white wine with peaches, take a walk, watch the sunset and finish the day with a fabulous dinner on the sea. Perfetto!

While you are at the Travel Blog, enjoy some of the other great articles they have on a wide range of locations and travel topics. Buon divertimento!

Freelance Writing Week @ Bleeding Espresso!

I was thrilled this morning to discover that the fabulous Michelle Fabio over at Bleeding Espresso has declared this Freelance Writing Week on her blog. All week she will be writing about her experiences with freelance writing, addressing questions from readers, and sharing tips for getting started. Michelle’s generosity with sharing information to help those of us getting started is truly remarkable. Grazie Michelle! I know I will be glued to Bleeding Espresso all week!

Head over there today to read Michelle’s great tips for deciding whether a career in freelance writing is right for you. Do you have good writing and grammar skills? Are you self-motivated, determined, reliable and organized? Michelle has great tips for how to improve in each of these areas. Stop by and leave a comment if you have questions for Michelle.

Perhaps I need to ask her advice for dealing with disruptive cats!