Spring Blossoms

Spring on the Amalfi Coast Mountains

This evening I was out folding the laundry while admiring all the spring blossoms that have burst out in the last week. Just when it seems like those cold days of winter will never end, suddenly spring arrives and everything feels better in the warm sunshine. Just yesterday we were trying to remember when was the last time we turned on a heater. A week ago maybe? Windows are open most of the day now, until a chilly evening breeze makes us close them and put on a warmer sweaters. After the time change, I can dry laundry outside again for the first time since last autumn. This is a simple pleasure, but a sweet one.

White Spring Blossoms on the Amalfi Coast

Take a deep breath, the warmth of spring has arrived. It is welcome deep down in my bones. This is the season of coming to life, and I’m waiting and quietly watching to see just what will happen.

Spring Colors on the Amalfi Coast

Spring beach scene on the Amalfi Coast

The colors of spring are arriving on the Amalfi Coast!

That color there—the intoxicatingly beautiful turquoise—is one of my favorite signs of spring in Amalfi. Now through May, the sea is often the clearest that you’ll see all year long, and the colors are simply gorgeous. Doesn’t it just make you want to dive in? You’d better be prepared though, because the temperature right now is only about 14 C (57.2 F). Brrr! Still a little too chilly for me. But I could sit and stare into those colors for hours!

Amalfi Coast beach in March

Tempting turquoise sea in Amalfi

In Amalfi, the colors of spring are starting to arrive. The pots lining the promenade overlooking the Marina Grande beach are filled with red, pink and white cyclamen.

Spring flowers in Amalfi

A pot of cyclamen along the promenade in Amalfi

Walking around Piazza Flavio Gioia in Amalfi, a bright orange flower on a cactus plant caught my eye. What a burst of color in the spring!

Piazza Flavio Gioia in Amalfi

Look at that orange!

We took a drive to Pontone, a hamlet of Scala, to stop by to see a talented woodworker who had repaired a small piece of furniture for us. While waiting, I noticed this big plant covered in tiny purple flowers climbing up the railing of a house nearby.

Spring Flowers Amalfi Coast Scala

Pretty in purple in Pontone

The smell was sweet and had attracted lots bees along with wandering photographers in search of spring. It certainly was happily blooming in this sunny spot overlooking Atrani below. Does anyone know what this vine is called?

Purple spring flowers on the Amalfi Coast

Do you know the name of this plant?

First Signs of Spring

Spring on the Amalfi Coast Beach

The first signs of spring are arriving on the Amalfi Coast. The sun is warm, and it feels just that little bit warmer each day. The narrow streets of Amalfi feel like one big construction zone. Walking through town is a bit like winding your way through a maze of tables set outside while floors are scrubbed, walls are refreshed with new coats of paint and shops and restaurants are rearranged and freshened up for the busy season ahead. Spring cleaning takes on a whole new meaning here! Shops and restaurants all over town slowly starting to reopen after a break in February. Traffic was a bit more chaotic than usual at midday since a large section of Piazza Flavio Gioia was marked off with orange cones where bright yellow parking lines had just been freshly painted. Not far away, a woman was sitting on the Marina Grande beach sunning her legs. The sea is so very tempting, and soon enough it will be warm enough to enjoy a swim!

Sunshine & Snow in Amalfi

Amalfi Coast Italy Harbor

Sunshine in Amalfi with snow high in the mountains above

The colors of February on the Amalfi Coast are some of the most vivid and striking of the entire year. The sea in Amalfi turns a particular shade of intense blue that I’ve only noticed this time of year. It reminds me of the first time I visited Amalfi and stood marveling at that shade of blue back in February 2007. Today the sun was out and a cold wind had cleared away the rain and humidity of the past days. The little bit of white snow on the peaks of the mountains glimmered in the sunshine.

Amalfi Coast Fishing Boats

Can you spot the snow across the Bay of Salerno?

The sea was a bit choppy looking across the Bay of Salerno toward the Cilento coastline. The peaks of the mountains there are covered with snow as well after the recent winter storms. Walking toward the Hotel Luna watchtower in Amalfi, I noticed how the waves crashing against the rocks mimicked the white tops of the mountains far away. What a pretty sight to see sunshine and snow together on the Amalfi Coast!

Winter Hotel Luna Amalfi

Winter sea by the Hotel Luna in Amalfi

The First Snow on the Amalfi Coast

Snow on the Amalfi Coast

Yesterday morning we woke up to find a dusting of snow on the tops of the Lattari Mountains high above the Amalfi Coast. It was a beautiful sight in the morning sunshine. It doesn’t snow often down at lower altitudes, but I do love the wintery setting of seeing it on the mountaintops. The snow doesn’t stick around long, and most was already gone by this morning. It’s just one of those lovely little moments of nature to enjoy!

Snow above Ravello

While out and about, I snapped a few photos of the snow on the mountains near Ravello (above) and Scala (below). There was quite a bit more in the mountains just above Scala, and it wouldn’t have taken very many degrees colder to have snow right in town.

Winter snow above Scala

With autumn colors still lingering, I must say it was nice to have a touch of winter in these days leading up to Christmas. The mountains above Scala were such a beautiful sight, and it finally started to feel like winter around here!

Snow about Scala on the Amalfi Coast

From Ravello I could spot the Convento di San Nicola in the mountains high above Minori. It looks like the trees had a light dusting of snow, but the mountain peaks behind were white.

San Nicola Maiori in the Snow

From the Piazza Duomo in Amalfi you could also see a nice view of the snow dusted mountains high in the valley above town. Winter has finally arrived on the Amalfi Coast!

Snow from Amalfi

But the snow melts away just as quickly as it arrives, so it doesn’t look as though there will be a white Christmas on the Amalfi Coast. Will you have snow for the holidays this year?