The Weather Plays the Tricks on April Fool’s Day


It was a beautiful sunny morning. “Ah,” I thought,  “The first of April, and a perfectly lovely day for the boats to start running.” Standing with my morning cup of tea, I watched out the window as a boat surprisingly crowded with passengers headed into the port of Amalfi. Today the Travelmar Linea Intercostiera Amalfitana service started for the new season, with boats running between Salerno, Amalfi and Positano. Prices for these ferries are very reasonable (between €6-10) and the service is quick and easy – and not to mention an extremely beautiful way to see the Amalfi Coast!


Feeling optimistic about lovely spring weather, I went to the desk to work, with thoughts of a nice afternoon walk in mind. But while I wasn’t looking, the weather pulled an April Fool’s Day trick on me. Before I could say “Pesce d’Aprile,” the clouds came. And then the wind felt left out and decided to come for the laughs. Raindrops were just falling on my head as I went out to bring in the mail.


Oh, well. Isn’t that just spring for you? Hope you all are having a trick free day. And watch out for becoming the Pesce d’Aprile!