Amalfi Coast Travel 2016

As the sun shines on this last afternoon of 2015, there’s a momentary stillness that sets in before the festivities begin, the sound of fireworks echo through the mountain valleys and the night sky over Amalfi sparkles with the most spectacular fuochi pirotecnici display at midnight. January 1st is one of my favorite days of the year, full as it is with hope, ideas and new beginnings. Yet before I dive full steam into 2016 and exciting new projects, I like to sit a moment with that stillness. From that stillness is born the magic of everything to come in the new year. Wishing you a 2016 full of health, happiness and, of course, travels to the Amalfi Coast!
xoxo Laura

“For there are moments when something new has entered into us, something unknown; our feelings grow mute in shy perplexity, everything in us withdraws, a stillness comes, and the new, which no one knows, stands in the midst of it and is silent.” – Rainer Maria Rilke

  • new year, new beginnings, it’s always so exciting…except, what the heck with the weather changing with the year? I haven’t been out for 3 days now, serious cabin fever setting in!

    January 5, 2016

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