First Photo of Amalfi

Recently I’ve had the chance to go through the first six years of photos that I took on the Amalfi Coast, which are on an external hard drive and no longer conveniently on my laptop just a few clicks away. While it was a quick search through file after file for specific photos I had in mind for an exciting project I’ve been working on, I had to stop a few times when I cam across moments I had forgotten.

Then I found this photo. It was taken from a bus coming around the corner into Amalfi one sunny February day in 2007. It was the first time I saw Amalfi. There it was. It’s the very first photo I took of Amalfi.

A person’s life purpose is nothing more than to rediscover, through the detours of art, or love, or passionate work, those one or two images in the presence of which his heart first opened.

– Albert Camus

And just then my heart cracked open.

  • Jean

    This is exactly what happened to me, Laura- but we came into Amalfi from the Positano side.
    It was Oct 2007 and we have been back 3 times more. Would come every year if we could.

    April 3, 2015
  • Sandra

    Oh boy but I can relate to that feeling. My heart cracked open the first time I saw Amalfi on a sunny afternoon in October 2006! I have never been the same since!

    April 4, 2015
  • Sara

    I know how everyone feels! From the first time I came to AMALFI it was love at first sight! Wow! I was so fortunate and proud that this was the place my parents and grandparents were born. My first trip in 1956. I met all our big italian family! 1962 was our second trip and I knew where all my family lived! I was able to go to their houses by myself ! It was awesome! Then 1970 and 1972. Have been to Amalfi 24 times! Amalfi is where my heart is!

    April 4, 2015
  • Beautiful – the photo and the moment it captures. Who ever said that an instant can’t change your life?!

    April 4, 2015
  • My dream destination! What beautiful photo. I know that feeling – it’s rare.

    April 5, 2015
  • Couldn’t agree more!

    April 6, 2015

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