Amalfi Coast Travel Spring Weather Ravello April

Amalfi Coast Travel Spring Weather Ravello Clouds

April has been a bit of tease so far this year leaving many locals wondering just what happened to spring. It Italy there’s an old saying “marzo è pazzo,” that March is crazy, and I’ve overheard quite a few people saying that it’s not just March. For every hazy, grey day another brilliant spring day with bright blue skies is not far behind. Somehow it has even intensified how beautiful those first few days of spring truly are. After a lovely week, a big bank of clouds rolled in the other evening – right over Ravello.

Amalfi Coast Travel Spring Weather Ravello April

Beyond the clouds the sunset was painting the sky with beautiful pastel colors. Yet Ravello was covered by what started as a mist. I stood and watched the cloud slowly cover Ravello and wind its way down the other side.

Amalfi Coast Weather Spring Ravello

Usually these types of clouds roll in off the sea this time of year, but this one came over the valley on the other side of Ravello above Minori. I’m not quite sure what it really was, a low cloud or fog, but it sometimes happens early spring when it’s very humid like it has been this week.

Amalfi Coast Spring Travel April

Soon from across the valley in Scala I could hardly make out anything of Ravello. Just the shape of a few houses and those lovely umbrella pines. Another few minutes after I took this photo and the cloud arrived in Scala. In a few minutes it went from being a pretty sunset to a complete white out with cars creeping by with their lights on.

Amalfi Coast Travel Spring Fog Ravello

April may be a little crazy this year, but it has also been quite stunning. Nature is like a show on the Amalfi Coast, and so far this month the variety has been quite entertaining!


  • Sandra

    Lovely pictures…haunting and mysterious! Thanks for sharing!!!

    April 19, 2015

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