November Snow Above Scala

The first taste of winter on the Amalfi Coast!

Yesterday morning we awoke to a wintry surprise … snow! A cold front blew down from the mountains overnight and left a light dusting of snow at the highest elevations along the Amalfi Coast. Even at the top of Scala the cars were covered with a slushy white covering we don’t see all that often here. I bundled up and went out first thing in the morning for a hair cut appointment in Ravello. I forgot to grab my camera before heading out the door, but I did snap a few photos on my phone. I know some of you get serious snow in the winter, but here it’s pretty rare and photograph-worthy!

Ciao Amalfi Coast Travel November Snow Ravello

A wintry view from Ravello

Ciao Amalfi Coast Travel November Snow from Ravello

The sunshine was melting the snow quickly even with the cold wind ... brrr!

Ciao Amalfi Coast Travel November Snow Forest

Definitely a day for a fireplace if you have one on the Amalfi Coast

Ciao Amalfi Coast Travel November Snow Mountains

Looking up to the mountains above Scala

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