Cumulus clouds over Ravello

The last few weeks it seems like all I do is hurry from one place to another. One of the first ways I can tell that I’m too busy is by looking at my camera. Hardly a photo taken in the past three weeks, except the new flowers I spent an early morning planting in the garden recently. And then this one flashed across the computer screen as I was downloading photos yesterday morning. I had almost forgotten about the afternoon last week when the huge cumulus clouds seemed to be creeping over the mountains. I watched them all afternoon, hoping they’d bring some much needed rain to the Amalfi Coast. But they just seemed stuck there in the moutains,  as if peering over to admire the view themselves. I’m happy that I took a moment to admire the clouds, even on a busy day. Wishing everyone a relaxing and sunny weekend!

  • I have spent many happy hours watching clouds roll over the mountains in Amalfi, but it is all too long ago. I want to return to Amalfi, meanwhile your reminders of its beauty will suffice.

    September 17, 2011

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