Every summer on July 22nd, the small town of Atrani celebrates Santa Maria Maddalena, or La Maddalena, with an evening of festivities that includes a religious procession, band concerts and a wonderful fireworks display over the sea after dark. Last year I followed the procession of the statue of La Maddalena in Atrani, but took few pictures after dark of the celebrations and the fireworks. This year, armed with a new point and shoot Nikon I always carry with me, I was able to take some fun photos of the festivities to share. The sun has set and the marching band is already playing Puccini in Atrani’s crowded central piazza. Come along and enjoy this lively summer night in Atrani!

Festival of La Maddelena in Atrani 2011

Church of La Maddelana in Atrani with festival lights

Piazza of Atrani

Band concert and celebrations in Atrani's piazza

Ciao Amalfi Coast Blog Atrani La Maddalena 2011 Band

Band concert in Atrani for the Festival of La Maddalena

Ciao Amalfi Coast Blog Atrani La Maddalena 2011 Festival

Enjoying the concert in Atrani's main piazza

Ciao Amalfi Coast Blog Atrani La Maddalena 2011 Lights

Festival lights in Atrani for La Maddalena

Church of La Maddalena in Atrani

Stepping inside the nave of the church

Ciao Amalfi Coast Blog Atrani La Maddalena 2011 Statue

La Maddalena in Atrani

Ciao Amalfi Coast Blog Atrani La Maddalena 2011 Beach

Atrani's beautiful beach at night

As the hour for the fireworks display nears, the road through Atrani becomes crowded with people jostling for the best spot. The fireworks in Atrani never fail to impress, and it seems like they come up with something to surprise me each year. This year they launched fireworks from the beach that glowed a funny green under the sea, while others exploded directly out of the water casting a beautiful light across the sea!

The finale was a striking event, with fireworks shot off from the jetty and from a boat nearby. A bright and extravagent ending to  a beautiful summer evening in Atrani!

  • Hi Laura – I spent a month on the Coast in July/August, including 2 weeks living in Atrani – it became, for a short while “my” village. I was in the Piazza when you took these photos, sipping prosecco and people-watching. I watched the fireworks from the solarium/sun deck of the Palazzo Ferraioli (where Carmine and his staff gave me a lovely couple of weeks). Atrani is delightful!

    August 29, 2011
  • One of my favourite events on the Amalfi coast, so thankyou so much for sharing with us this year Laura.

    August 30, 2011
  • Ah such beautiful pictures. Looks like a lovely event and I don’t think there’s anything more splendid than summer nights! Thank you for sharing these.

    August 31, 2011

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