Stone Mile Marker on the Amalfi Coast

While sitting and waiting for the Tour Guide to fit his car into a remarkable small space near Positano, I was looking at this old stone mile marker on the side of the road. I don’t normally see photos in bianco e nero, but the combination of the worn lettering of the sign, the old Mini Cooper and the bright red sign meaning “don’t honk your horn” just seemed more appropriate in black and white. I’m not sure I had noticed these mile markers before, since you don’t see them like this much past Conca dei Marini. Sometimes it’s handy going everywhere with a Tour Guide, and he told me it is called a pietra miliare in Italian. The term refers back to the carved stone markers the ancient Romans put up when they built their roads. This pietra miliare certainly isn’t going to last that long, but it was a fun way to learn a new term in Italian. We assumed that the 15 marked the numbers of kilometers from the beginning of the Amalfi Coast Road SS 163, and then we guessed that it was another 5 KM to Praiano. Perhaps someone in the Positano or Praiano area can confirm this? Wishing you a happy weekend!

  • SNAP!!!we’ve syncronized!

    May 20, 2011
  • You guys are good!

    May 20, 2011
  • Gil

    We call them mile markers over here and truckers and some motorists use them as reference points to where the police are hiding or have set up speed traps. There is a stone mile marker on the rural country road where I live that dates back to the time when my road was a stage coach road. Lovely picture.

    May 21, 2011
  • Interesting to see a shot in black and white Laura, I have seen pietra miliare round here, I must pay more attention and take some photos!

    May 21, 2011
  • Great shot – perfect in black and white,I agree!

    May 22, 2011

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