Scintilla over at Bell’Avventura picked up on color themed posts around the blogosphere and had a great idea to Think Pink!  October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and to bring attention to this important cause Scintilla has shared some lovely pink things from her life in Positano. She has encouraged others to do the same, and I thought it was a great idea! So after the Summer Reds on the Amalfi Coast last week, let’s lighten up a shade for a good cause. This week let’s think pink!



Ciao Amalfi Coast Blog Pink Certosa CapriPink touches at the Certosa di San Giacomo in Capri 



      Ciao Amalfi Coast Blog Pink Farro Capri

    The pink and white of Il Faro (lighthouse), Capri



    Ciao Amalfi Coast Blog Pink San Giovanni Battista Pontone

    Baby Pink (and Baby Blue) Baroque at the Church of San Giovanni Battista in Pontone.



    Ciao Amalfi Coast Blog Pink Casa Malaparte

    I’m pretty sure Curzio Malaparte wouldn’t like me calling his house pink, but the Casa Malaparte on Capri certainly looks pink to me!



    Ciao Amalfi Coast Blog Pink Bougainvillea Capri

    Hot pink bougainvillea on Capri



    Ciao Amalfi Coast Blog Pink Window View

    Rose colored glass: View from the window of the Church of San Giovanni dell’ Acqua in the Campidoglio area of Scala. What a view of Ravello and the Amalfi Coast!



    Ciao Amalfi Coast Blog Pink Hydrangea    

    This year I trimmed the hydrangea in my garden too much, and the only bloom that came out was . . . pink!



    Here are some important facts from the National Breast Cancer Foundation about why you need an early detection plan:

    The best way to fight breast cancer is to have a plan that helps you detect the disease in its early stages. According to the National Cancer Institute:

    • Nearly 200,000 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer this year.
    • 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer during their lifetime.
    • Over 30% of women are diagnosed after breast cancer has spread beyond the localized stage.
    • When breast cancer is detected early (localized stage), the 5-year survival rate is 98%.



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                            • Scintilla @ Bell'Avventura

                              Thank you so much for doing this!
                              Your choice and range of photos is fantastic.
                              And you've given great info which is what this is all really about!

                              October 13, 2009
                            • Anne in Oxfordshire

                              Hi great that you did a "shout" for Scintilla..I did The Blues, as I was tagged..Scintilla said she would do Pinks..such a great idea and such a good cause. And her photos are great. So are yours as always! Take care Hugs Anne

                              October 13, 2009
                            • Welshcakes Limoncello

                              What a great idea, Laura, and lovely pictures as always. That house looks pink to me, too! And I agree with Scintilla that you have given excellent information.

                              October 14, 2009
                            • travelingsuep

                              Thanks Laura for posting on this. I have now done the same.

                              October 14, 2009
                            • Leanne in Italy

                              Such beautiful photos – all of them!

                              October 14, 2009
                            • Laura

                              Ciao Scintilla! Many thanks to you for starting this! Great to get the information out in as many ways as possible. Abbracci dalla costiera Amalfitana!

                              Ciao Anne! I love the blues around your home. What a fun idea! I love Scintilla's photos, too. Positano is always beautiful! What pinks do you have around your house? 🙂

                              Ciao Pat! Glad I'm not the only one who thinks that house is pink. 🙂

                              Ciao travelingsuep! Love your pink pictures! Thank you so much for spreading the word. For everyone reading, be sure to check out:

                              Ciao Leanne! Grazie!

                              October 14, 2009

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