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Those of you who have been following Ciao Amalfi! for awhile now have heard me rave about the town of Ravello many times on this blog. It is simply one of the most beautiful towns on the Amalfi Coast, with incredible churches, great ceramic shopping, a charming piazza and villas and gardens with gorgeous views. Well, I’ve been at work over at sharing my travel tips in a new Ravello Travel Guide and a bit of history and some of my photographs to tantalize you in a new article on Ravello’s Villas and Gardens. Head on over and take a look!


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  • jen laceda

    I, too, love Ravello!! Heading over to your article in ItalyItalia…

    October 8, 2009
  • Ciao Chow Linda

    nice job Laura. Just took a peek at the article and it really makes me wish I were in Ravello.

    October 8, 2009
  • Laura

    Ciao Jen! There's just air of peace in Ravello. It's certainly a wonderful place! Hope you enjoy the Ravello articles! 🙂

    Ciao Linda! Glad you enjoyed the articles. Grazie!

    October 8, 2009

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