Continuing my September theme on Campania bloggers, this week’s Sunday Shout-out goes to Living in the Boot, a fun title for a fun blog about Life in Naples, Italy. Since March 2008, the blog’s author, Panda (what a fun nickname!), has been in Italy with her husband “E” and their two kids “Peanut” and “Buddy.” Living in the Boot tells the story of many of their adventures adapting to life here in Italy, the ups and downs of living in Naples, and the wonderful recipes that Panda cooks up in the kitchen.


Peanut and Buddy


One of the things I love about Living in the Boot is the positive attitude and fun times that Panda shares with her readers following along. While expat life here in Italy certainly can have its trying moments, I love the approach Panda takes:  “Italy is full of surprises and we’re trying to embrace them all.” Very inspiring! Panda also takes us along as she and her family explore Campania and southern Italy. Most recently they were off to Puglia to see the fascinating trulli in Alberobello. Honestly, I will always think of that as the “Italian smurf land” now and smile because of that post!




For fans of local Campania foods and wines, don’t miss the recent post on the Ocone Winery located in the town of Ponte in the province of Benevento. As harvest time approaches, it’s the perfect time of year here in Italy to be out in the vineyards, and I loved hearing about tasting Falanghina grapes and how to determine when they are perfect for harvesting.


Panda and kids


Join me in following along with Living in the Boot and taking her motto to heart …  Embrace Life! Abbracci la vita!


Trivia: How many of you can guess where the banner photo on Living in the Boot (top photo) was taken? Hint, I’ve walked you right past that church here on Ciao Amalfi earlier this year!



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  • Peter @ italyMONDO!

    Laura…. You really have knack for finding great blogs. I thought I had a huge list of them – but you keep introducing me to new ones. Grazie!

    September 20, 2009
  • Barbara Zaragoza

    I know this blog and it's all that you say it is, Laura. It's especially nice to see places to visit with the kids. Often it feels daunting to be in Italy with little ones trying to dodge traffic and such. But 'Panda' makes it look easy.

    Another great Shout-Out!

    September 20, 2009
  • Amanda

    Ah, grazie mille! How kind of you and the others. I hope I can live up to Laura's wonderful, well-written description! Makes me blush. Ciao, ciao!
    Panda, Living In The Boot

    September 21, 2009
  • Laura

    Ciao Peter! Great – that's why I do these features. Enjoy! 🙂

    Ciao Barbara! I agree that it's great to hear from Panda about what kids will enjoy doing wherever they go. It is a great feature of your blog as well! Thanks!

    Ciao Panda! Glad to make you smile. 🙂 You deserve a big spotlight and shout-out for all the work you do and time it takes to share your fun and insightful stories online. Grazie tante!

    September 22, 2009

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